Six actions that decrease SAL Energy significantly

   Living life itself use up SAL Energy to maintain the body. However that expense of maintenance is unavoidable. This is like using electric Energy at home. Switching on bulb in our room is a basic need. But using too many fancy bulbs in a small room is a waste of energy and it drains our bank balance. Similarly, every basic need of life uses up SAL Energy.

1. Desires of wants (Kama) - Desires for any luxurious (more than needed) possessions is kama. Desiring for materialism is not bad, but it decreases the Sal Energy.This is a big mis understanding. No Energy is free. If we look for luxury we are converting renewable-natural resources Energy into non-renewable Energy. Now every body is going  for a luxurious life which is seen by the decrease in natural wealth. Nobody could afford for any type of desire fulfillment without spending their energy. For luxury life we spend both our SAL energy to convert Natural wealth to material wealth.

Is it right to fulfill desires of wants or wrong depends on our choice whether we want to spend our SAl Energy or not. If we spend it then we later in  life  have to do positive thoughts and actions to transform this material energy back to SAL Energy. In this view, luxury should be kept to a minimum percentage of the total income Click here for details).

2. Anger (Krodha) - Anger of not getting what we desire is an Energy drainer. It drains more Energy than the desire to get what we want. This is why we are asked to avoid anger.

3. Over-expectation (Moha) - Over expectation of people to behave in a certain way is Moha and that comes from Moha. Moha means delusion of our Self as our Body, Mind, Intelligence and Awareness. From there starts the mis-interpretion of others too according to our own fantasical imagination and expecting more from them.The more we accept others as they are, saves our Energy.

Words and actions that provoke sensuality is also Moha. It drains more energy than anger.     Example, if our dressing style ignites sensuality in others, it is Moha. Anything that is done to create more expectations is Moha, an Energy drainer.

4. Stingy (Lobha) - Not doing actions at the needed time for needy people , is being stingy or lobha. Always looking for "Free things", which is actually somebody's work Energy (their Life Force), is also Lobha. If we only think of consuming other’s Energy or materials without contributing back is Lobha. This is more Energy draining than Moha. This is why in Indian spiritual science we are asked to do lot of charity as means of avoiding Lobha nature.

5. Pride (Madha) - Being proud of one's possession and boasting about it that others don't have is Madha. This drains more energy than the previous negative attitude. Do not be pride of your possessions because it is only your own SAL Energy that you have wasted as material energy. It is wise to spend Sal Energy to fulfill desires for your happiness but not for show off.

6. Jealousy (Matsarya) - Being jealous of others who have possessions that we dont possess is Matsarya. Understand that others possess material or health or knowledge due to their SAL Energy balance. If we want the same, then we should start transforming Sal Energy. Being jealous never fulfills our dreams but it drains our own Sal Energy. This attitude drains the maximum SAL Energy.

These six Energy draining thoughts and actions are collectively called as Ego (I-ness or Mine-ness).

How can I symbolically understand all this in a simple way?

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