Jyothish and SAL Energy: Horoscope drawn using the time and place of birth of an individual is the SAL Energy balance statement of an individual. It reflects the previous balance and the term maturity periods of different functional Energy aspects that will be expressed in various stages of life. Astrologers, Psychics, occult readers decodes the SAL Energy statement of an individual. But the accuracy depends on the unbiased nature of the reader. In ancient Indian tradition, all Spiritual Sciences were practiced selflessly. Traditional astrologers did as a Service to Humanity to help them come out of Karmic suffering. Unfortunately today it is done as a business leading to its inefficient application. Based on the chart, an astrologer can give correct remedies for any being in this world.

Loans available in Karma Bank:

When an individual is in bankruptcy, the only option is to get loan from Cosmic Energy. This is done through Tantric rituals which forcefully converts the Material Energy into SAL Energy.

The most efficient Tantric ritual is to use one’s own body to convert material Energy to Individualized Sal Energy through unconditional love (Devotion).

I dont want Astrology, wont pryaers help to increase SAL Energy?

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