Retirement Plans: From young age, those who wisely invest a part of their earnings in retirement plans, enjoy good fortune in the retired life. Same way investing time and Energy for Selfless actions right from young age, is the only way to meet emergency Energy needs in life and also determines luck and fortunes in future births.

Rebirth: When we die, the body is destroyed, but the SAL Energy balance is retained for fulfilling our desires in the next birth. The body is not reborn, but the SAL Energy along with its field of desires (Vaasanas) choose the parents with similar amounts of SAL Energy and desires. When we die without good reserve of SAL Energy, we experience several problems in childhood like poverty and diseases, loss of parents or even premature death. The type of body, beauty, health, everything is based on the previous balance of SAL Energy. This birth and death cycle continues until we transform all the material Energy to SAL Energy leaving no debts. In this stage, Sal Energy loses its identity to Consciousness, which we call as Moksha.

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How do I  change my self to increase SAL Energy?

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