To bring more positive energy in one's life especially depression, health and other problems, the Neelan-janam ritual is very promising.  If some body is hospitalized, see the details of doing Neelanjanam.

In the previous section on using light for bringing changes in our life, which may be health, financial, relationships etc. The effect of light technology can be further be amplified by another technical-ritual called Neelanjanam. Neelanjanam is a mini Vedic fire ritual (Homa/Yagya/ Agnihotra)  that brings immense subtle positive vibrations for the health and materialistic and spiritual aspects of life.  For those with depression problems this is of extreme good. Please read how the subtle energy even subtler than the Electromagnetic waves  of light can influence our thoughts and life. All the details are given in the video and PDF version here.

Click here for frequently asked questions about Neelanjanam (Neeranjanam)

    One can light the lamp all seven days a week and the Neelanjanam if needed every day in the morning along with the lamp. After good improvements one can continue lighting lamps , but decrease the frequency of doing Neelanjanam on Wednesday mornings and or saturday Mornings based on the amount of Luck-Energy you want to generate.Atleast every Saturday morning would be good enough.  You can do that in your pooja room, where you have the lamp. You have to insulate the neelanjanam plate also, which means do not keep plate directly on Earth, but keep it on a wooden material or any insulating material. 

     If some one is severely affected by health problem , this can help in decreasing the hardships of disease and also get correct direction or improvements in the treatment. Bringing the sound vibrations of healing called the "Dhanwanthri Mantra" can bring immense benefits. If the disease is severe it may be good to do continuously for 41 days.

     Doing this ritual, one can notice decreasing quarrels in relationships and bring harmony anywhere at home or at office. Financial prospects can be stabilized and also improved over time doing this at home and or at office.

Chanting, Kanakadhara sloka brings success (youtube chanting of sloka) (pdf of Kanakadhara sloka.

Please click here for the Video Demonstration of  Neelan-janam.

Please click here for  Instructions in PDF of doing Neelan-janam.

Chanting Mantras or doing Meditation in front of the lamp and Neern-Janam is highly recommended because of the amplified benefits.  

For removing negative energy one can also do these simple rituals.

     If some body is seriously ill, then take the pouches in the fist and circambulate clockwise the whole body of the sick person and take it home and do the Neelanjanam and chant OM Namah Shivaya 1008 times thinking of the sick person to get well.

You can use the rice and coconut for your cooking (not for non-veg cooking). You can cannot use all the coconut or rice you can give it to your friends or anyone who would use for vegetarian cooking.

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