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The objective of this section is to answer, two major questions.

1. Why do I have problems in life and how to overcome it ?

2. I don’t have any problems , but how can I maintain the same quality of life or make it better?

Most frequently asked questions in the first category are,

1. Why am I not rich like others? Why my business does not take off well?. Why do I not get promotions in my profession?

2. Why do I have health problems?. Why did I get Cancer? Why do I have infertility problems? Why am I born with physical disabilities?

3. Why do I have relationship's problems? Why is my partner mean to me? Why did I have many divorces? Why I am not maintaining faithfulness in my relationship? Why my children are not to my expectations?

4. Why am I depressed in life? Why am I not motivated to do anything? Why do I like to kill myself or others?

5. Why my dreams are not fulfilled? Why do I fail in my endeavors? Why do I take wrong decisions in life?

Why did prosperity suddenly change in my life?

We hear about having all the good fortunes in life , but all of a sudden, everything in life changed with no reason. This is the most intriguing question. When we are unsuccessful, we are criticized for wrong decisions.  We wonder how small mistakes can lead to misfortunes in life.  We all like to know  what is the ultimate secret of success in life?

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Most Cancer Cases Arise from "Bad Luck"

Environment and heredity are smaller players than researchers previously believed 

  Scientific Proof of LUCk in success of Life. last........... https://blogs.scientificamerican.com/beautiful-minds/the-role-of-luck-in-life-success-is-far-greater-than-we-realized/

Disease and luck Energy Michele M. Ciulla

More information on Luck and success


Birth month affects lifetime disease risk: a phenome-wide method    Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association,  https://academic.oup.com/jamia/article/22/5/1042/930268 

please click and watch in Video


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We will first understand about Success in life.

Success in life is most commonly attributed to the following factors

 1. Good academic performance or skills.

2. Hard Work, persistence, Self- Motivation, positive thinking

3. Planning, knowledge about the field, bring success in life.

We know these are theoretical factors we hear in motivational talks. But in real life, there are people who do all the above and still face problems in life. This does not mean that hard work or positive thinking is not good. But hard work and IQ, alone does not give complete picture of the mystery of life. We have to admit that there are people without hard-work and skills, are also okay in life. Example, there are many who wins a lottery or hereditary property, without falling into the above reasons. All of a sudden a book turns into a New York Best seller. There are several talented actors and actresses, but not everyone get the same luck in the movie-industry. Not every business venture is a success in the market. Why? Analysts may pinpoint many factors. But is there any tangible cause behind Luck?

What is the factor behind luck?

We say it is a probability (chance) that causes a person to win a lottery. Is it randomness or any factor that favors the probability of a person to be lucky. Some are lucky for most of the time and others never at all. Why? Even luck does not favor in genetics also. Some get mutations in a gene and get cancer. While there are several others with bad life style not affected by cancer at all. Researchers take these as standard deviation error in scientific data (we will discuss about this and about luck as a form of Energy in later sections).

 Luck does not seem to be constant with an individual all the time and is mystical. Prosperity and luck, ebb and flow in the ocean of life. Is there a way to keep luck constant in life? In other words can life be without ups and downs?

First time we see scientists talk about luck factor in cancer. "All cancers are caused by a combination of bad luck, the environment and heredity, and we've created a model that may help quantify how much of these three factors contribute to cancer development," says Bert Vogelstein, M.D., the Clayton Professor of Oncology at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, co-director of the Ludwig Center at Johns Hopkins and an investigator at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute."This study shows that you can add to your risk of getting cancers by smoking or other poor lifestyle factors. However, many forms of cancer are due largely to the bad luck of acquiring a mutation in a cancer driver gene regardless of lifestyle and heredity factors. The best way to eradicate these cancers will be through early detection, when they are still curable by surgery," adds Vogelstein.

 What is the cause for all these variations in life?

Is God the reason?

For good fortune, the religious people point to God, the unknown entity.  This contradicts with the very fact that God is neutral and equally loving everyone at all times. Either God’s blessings is a random event or God is biased.

    It is an irony that in all religious communities, there are both rich and poor, healthy and sick, happy and depressed. So it doesn’t seem to be a particular God or a certain religious faith that seems to free problems in life. Moreover, those who do not believe in GOD (Atheists and agnostics) are also rich and poor, healthy and sick. This is the reason atheists deny the existence of God. Irrespective of belief on GOD or not, there are problems and fortunes in everybody’s life. It is obvious that a God factor is not the cause for happiness and suffering in our lives.

 Atheistic view fails to answer: We have already discussed that merely our hard-work, persistence or academic success alone does not guarantee fortune in life. It seems that there are other factor(s) influencing the life of every individual.

 Selftual View: The Selftual means to look oneself as an "Energy entity" like the Energy working in the Universe phenomenon. This ancient science considers that all forms of energy, living or non-living, all has an inherent or internal Energy.  Even take glucose molecule and oil. Both are made of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen atoms, yet the amount of Energy possess are different. Oil has inherently more energy (calorie) in it than Glucose. 

Similarly, no two human individual's life are similar because of their inherent Energy called Self -Awareness Life force Energy (SAL Energy) that we possess, decides whether we are healthy, rich, having high IQ, emotional stability etc. This SAL Energy varies from person to person and from time to time, like changing seasons on Earth.

The difference in the amount of SAL energy that an individual posses would spend it at eight different needs and wants of life (prosperity).

1. Health ( SAL Energy spent for maintaining Body appearance and health).

2. Wealth (SAL Energy spent for Profession and type of profession)

3. Self-confidence, motivation, courage (SAL Energy spent in moving life forward)

4. Relationships (SAL Energy spent for maintaining family/social life).

5. Intelligence (IQ) (SAL Energy spend for understanding Patterns).

6. Desire for Authority (SAL Energy spend for power/control)

7. Success in endeavors (SAL Energy spend for fulfilling desires)

8. “Self” Improvement (SAL Energy spent as time for increasing reserve SAL Energy for future).

What is the basis of difference in the SAL Energy between people? It is simply a matter of Sacrifice (Yagnya in Sanskrit language).  Time energy is similar for all of us (24 hrs a day), but how we sacrifice at what level determines how much we generate SAl Energy. If our sacrifice  is at our physical body realms, then our SAL Energy is generated to a low level compared to the high level of intelligence and highest at the Awareness level.

 We sacrifice our Time energy and convert it as prosperity in life. Luck is not a free energy. No Energy is free. No Energy can be generated out of nothing. It is all a conversion. This is based on the simple truth....

"Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. It can only transform from one form to another. This hold good for SAL Energy in our life. We cannot create luck energy from nothing , it can only be transformed from other form of Energy". So from what energy do we convert luck energy from?.

We convert time energy through Awareness into luck Energy. A goverment of a country cannot freely print currency and give to all citizens to remove poverty.  Gold is equated to print money, otherwise there would be no value. Then the printed money is paid to equate to the value of work done by citizens.

Not all in a company working for 8 hours get same amount of salary pay. A physical level employee gets the lowest pay (production manual employees, drivers, security guard etc) , next is at the people who deal with the needs of the customers, the sales paid next higher. The third level is the managers who intelligently manage the company. The next highest is the R&D group or the innovators who make the brand of the company. The final are the investors who does not work, but without whom there is no company. They get the maximum profit or shares.

The above are like the five fingers of the hand.

So luck comes from  sacrifice in life. we call this in different names as benovolence, charity, altruism, etc. All this is paid as luck to an individual either immediately or in a distant future, mostly in the next birth. We cannot deny rebirth , because it violates scientific logic, that Energy is neither created, nor destroyed, but only transformed from one form to another.  Death is only a transformation to another form.

Free will and luck: We cannot create luck energy from nothing, it can only be transformed from other form of Energy. We have to lose one form of energy to gain another form of energy". This is a Universal Law. What we want to lose and gain is our free will or choice. That is the only free will we really have. SAL Energy is Sanskrit is Jeevadhaara Sakthi (Life Fundamental Energy).

 What does this SAL Energy mean?            

 Everything is SAL Energy that manifests as our Body, Mind, Intelligence, Awareness and Consciousness. This same SAL Energy also exists as the Five Pancha Bhootas, Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space in Nature.

Energy (Sakthi) is fundamental to every action in this Universe. With progress in modern science, we understand about the concept of Energy that is needed to cook food, power the machines, drive cars and even about the Energy in ATP from glucose oxidation that makes our cells work.   Though Energy is one, it functions in many forms.

In Selftual language, there are Eight functional attributes ("Ashta Mangal") of SAL Energy. These Eight functionalities of Energy are needed for a balanced life. But every individual spends the 8 attributes of SAL Energy in different proportions. The net amount of SAL Energy and its different proportions is reflected in varying standard of living in people.

  SAL Energy is the Currency in karma Bank: To understand this clearly, let us consider the SAL Energy as dollars in our bank.  The standard of living ( the location of the house, the car one drives, the restaurant one eats, the class in one travels, the shopping store etc) depends on the individual’s bank balance. It is obvious that every individual’s bank balance is different from others and at the same time varies throughout the life time. Every second, our bank balance is spent both for our basic needs and for fulfilling desires. At any time, the net balance in our bank account depends on income and expense.

 The balance we create every month secures our future and also is the seed for investment to further increase our bank balance. Living life with no savings puts us in a very helpless condition in emergency situations leading to work continuously.

 Problems in Life reflects insufficient funds in Karma Bank account: It is painful to live in our house with no electricity due to insufficient funds in our bank account, to pay the electric bill. We are frustrated and start complaining the darkness of life without understanding the real reason behind it. We don’t realize that our neighbor has electricity and happily watching TV due to their bank balance. Similarly, when SAL Energy in our Karma Bank goes too low, then we see problems with our employment status, business revenues, our health, relationships, children, relatives, our name, fame, success, etc.  

    Imbalance in the proportion of 8 attributes of SAL Energy leads to misfortune, deficiency, luck or problems in life. For example, one might be wealthy, but suffer from disease due to lack of SAL Energy for health. For a happy life, we should maintain a steady state of all the 8 forms of SAL Energy.

 How to conserve SAL Energy and increase luck?

     Sal Energy is the real richness one should possess, so that it can be converted to any type of wealth one desire. At the same time one should be aware that every time we desire, the SAL Energy decreases, like our spending reduce our bank account savings. We know that it is hard to reduce our desires, but at-least we could avoid unwanted expenses, to save enough SAL Energy to lead a peaceful life.

 Simple Life: This is why in Indian Selftual Science, we have been taught to lead a undemanding simple or  less desiring life. Simple life means "Living with fewer desires." Living with fewer desires increases our Karmic savings for this life time and for future lives.

 If this true, how come politicians, movie stars and business people all have wealthy life?. Most of their activities are in SAL Energy spending mode. Why this contradiction?. This contradiction is answered in the end of the article.

 Please continue to read on the ways to increase SAl Energy.

Please feel to discuss about this by asking questions in this forum.

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