Conditioned and un conditioned charity (Dhaan and Dharma)

Dhaan or Dhaana is different from Dharma. Dhaana is done with an vested interest to increase SAL Energy. This is why in Indian culture, charities in form of Dhaan were suggested. Example, Cow-Dhaan, which is giving cows (wealth) to Brahmins. Brahmins are not people who are born in a particular family. A Brahmin is one who is in highest Awareness state). (more details later) 

Dhaan of grains , clothes, are suggested when somebody is undergoing severe illness or problems in life. All these are Dhaan done for some expectation in return. These Dhaan increase SAL Energy which can gives material benefits to lead a happy life.

Dharma is different. Dharma is done with unconditional love, without any expectation in return. This is "Bhakthi" or devotion and in this state one is connected to Consciousness or to the supreme power. An individual who is in this state, need not do any rituals, because the indivual has no desires to use SAL Energy. This individual who loses all condtiions, is Consciousness in the unconditional state. This is known as freedom , liberation or Moksha.

Common people with desires in life, cannot directly connect to Consciousness, but only to the conditioned state of Consciousness,  called Sakthi or Energy. That conditioned Energy is SAL Energy. This Energy  follows cosmic rules and regluations, which we experiecne as SAL Energy.

When we are having problems in life, we are knocking at the wrong door for help from Consciousness. Unconditional Consciousness, has nothing to do with our problems, which does not mean, Consciousness is Jada (lifeless).

With our conditional life (desires), the conditioned Energy only will be answered. That is reflected with our quantity of SAL Energy we posses. If we want benefits from Consciousness or God, then we have to go for Sakthi or Energy, because that is the foundation of our Life with desires.

Moksha: With uncondtional love (Bhakthi, no individual desires), one identifies with the Uncondtional Consciousness (Love, GOD, Bliss, Ananda). This is moksha. When there are no conditions, there is only one-ness.

Is Moksha needed? There is no Consciousness, crying out or feeling unhappy,  that we beings are not attaining Moksha. It is our own choice. If we want to be on Earth, fllfilling our desires, we will continue a cycle of increase and decrease SAl Energy, it is our own choice. We can continue for trillions of births

Consciousness in  Energy form of SAL Energy, will be there. This Earth will not be destroyed. It will be maintained by the SAL Energy of human beings till everyone attains Moksha.

Guru: But if we want to get out of this condtionality, then only way is to be uncondtional at all five levels of body, mind, intelligence, Awareness and Consciousness. The only way is Selfless live. This where we will soon explain the difference between Guru and Acharyas.

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