Ideal Expense Sheet

We all desire for a royal, infinite life. This royalty is depended on our income. This income is depended on  our SAL Energy.This SAL Energy decreases as we spend it to live our life of desires, which we cannot avoid. So some activities should be done to increase the SAL Energy to continue to enjoy material life.

The most frequently asked question: How to balance the income, expense and balance in our Karmic Bank statement, so that we can lead a happy life?

The energy in the form of money  or wealth has to be divided into five.  Why five?

We all need money for only security or stability of life at five levels.

1. Body: One fifth of income spend for basic needs to have a stable body (Healthy). Spend for food, clothing and shelter to buy healthy things (even if costly) for manitianing healthy body.

2. Mind: One fifth for entertainment so that the mind is stable.

3: Intelligence: One fifth for future savings for this life time so that our logics are stable. 

4. Awareness: One fifth

5. Consciousness:One fifth

 and one part should be given for the society (Future security for .  One part for future savings, one part for meeting basic needs  and one part for enjoyment and one part for spiritual progress (visiting temples, pilgrimage books, practice and environmental protection).

This is a model for beginers and the percentages can vary based on the individual's Awareness level.


Expense categories Percentage
Baisc Needs 52
Luxury 26
Future material savings / investment 13
Dhaana ( Activities for increasing SAL Energy for future) 6
Dharma (Charity out of unconditional Love) 3
Total 100

This is Based on Shukra Neethi Shastra. Sukra Acharya was a spiritual scientist, who gave practical tips to keep SAl Energy and material energy in balance. His texts gives idea how an individual, a corporate company and Government, should budget their income.

Any increase or decrease in these five levels will cause sorrows in life says Shukra- Acharya.


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