Why to think of  Spirituality?  Through modern education, we have developed Self-confidence in us. However we ignored the significance of SAL Energy behind every action and the result.   We think out of the box only when we have problems in life.

Spirituality is not a belief about some unknown force, but about SAL Energy management. Spirituality helps us to use SAL Energy efficiently.

Difference of Religion and Spirituality: The mystery of life is not easily understood by common man and therefore symbolic images are given. If anyone takes the symbolism literally without knowing the implied meaning, then they are religious. A spiritual person understands what the symbols implies and take it for his Self-Transformation and betterment of life. Spirituality is about discovering inner strength or Energy and understand to evolve further in life. A religious person get stagnated by getting caught in the symbols and retards evolution because of lack of Self-Awareness. A spiritual person on other hand through inquiry, develops Self Awareness and later connects to everything around him leading to the highest State of Consciousness.

Symbolism of Male Cosmic Energy and Female SAL & Material Energy: The SAL Energy is symbolized in a female form known as "Lakshmi" and the Eight functional aspect of the Energy called as Ashta Lakshmi. Here one should not misunderstand that this is about a Hindu Goddess, Lakshmi. There is no lady called Lakshmi controlling anyone. It is a symbolic representation of Functionality Energy that we earn and spend in life. To take the symbolism is the attitude of religions and to take the implied meaning is spirituality.

Functionality of the SAL Energy: SAL Energy income, is divided for the individual's food expenses, transport expense, living expenses, expense to maintain a family-relationship and also savings for future. This is represented as the eight Lakshmi’s (Ashta-Lakshmi or Ashta Mangal or Ashta Sakthi).

1. Health & Food  - Dhaanya Lakshmi

2. Wealth transforming Profession - Dhana Lakshmi

3. Self Confidence - Dhairya Lakshmi

4. Family-life - Santhana Lakshmi

5. Intelligence (IQ) and Education - Vidya Lakshmi.

6. Material possessions or Royalty, Power, Fame - Gaja Lakshmi

7. Success in endeavors - Vijaya Lakshmi

8. Reserve of SAL Energy in the primordial form or Aadhi Lakshmi. 

How is disease treatment related to SAL Energy?

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