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Oct 2015

Root Microbiome Engineering Improves Plant Growth

Sep 2015

Human activity affecting microbes in soil

What's behind million-dollar crop failures in oil palm? Would you believe bad karma?

Aug 2015

Is Modern Living Leading to a ‘hidden Epidemic’ of Neurological Disease?

July 2015

Human-wrought environmental changes impacting crops, pollinators could harm millions

June 2015

Straw-Insulated Houses Beat Petroleum-Based Alternatives

 April 2015

Intersex Fish Caused by Diabetes Drug in Water?

Pesticide Harms Wild Bees, Field Study Shows

Decreasing Biodiversity and Plant Productivity

Heavy Insecticide Contamination of Global Waters

March 2015

How Rain Is Dependent On Soil Moisture

February 2015

Insecticides Pose Global Risk to Water Bodies

Saharan Dust Fertilizes the Amazon Rainforest (Modern science is not connecting to the Vedic science understanding that the Universe is Holographic and so everything is inetracting with everything else like as in one human body).

Long-Term Nitrogen Fertilizer Use Harms Plants (Modern science is yet to understand that many short term benefits pose a problem in long run without having a holistic approach).

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