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Science News- 2013

(uni5 comments will be given in green)

December 2013

Better Water Purification With Seeds from Moringa Trees

October 2013

Patient in 'Vegetative State' Not Just Aware, but Paying Attention, Study Suggests

Keeping Our Minds on Moving Pictures

Model Plant Misled Scientists About Multicellular Growth

Death Rates Higher Among Middle Aged, Elderly When Economy Is Booming

September 2013

Coma: Researchers Observe Never-Before-Detected Brain Activity

The Secret Life of Underground Microbes: Plant Root Microbiomes Rule the World  (Uni5: We know this intellectually, but not put into practice by avoiding presticides and herbicides which disturb the ecosystem)

Radical New View of Health: Stem Cells Are Wired for Cooperation, Down to the DNA

Functioning 'Mechanical Gears' Seen in Nature for First Time

New Connection Between Stacked Solar Cells Can Handle Energy of 70,000 Suns

August 2013

Physicist Disentangles 'Schrodinger's Cat' Debate


Protons Hop from One Water Molecule to Another Given Suitable Energy Conditions


Simple Theory May Explain Mysterious Dark Matter

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