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God and Universe

Whether it is an atheist or a thesit, Irrespetive of one's religious background all of us at some point of life undergo health issues, financial crisis, relationship problems etc. So no religion can claim that that their religion is superior to another religion.

Does prayers have an effect or not?. Some say yes and some say no. Even scientific research shows that Prayer is only a placebo effect. Read here why prayers and medicines dont work for all.

However, Energy based rituals are effective, even scientific studies shows Scientific Proof of Bhaagya Sakthi , SAL Energy at last...........

that (See this British Medical Journal research). 

What is the then the connection of God and Energy?

God and God's Energy (Sakthi) are the two sides of the same coin. This is the difference in structurality  and functionality of God.

We understand that there is always a difference of opinion at all levels of people on all these concepts. This is becaue of not understanding the subtle difference between the Structurality (Personality) and functionality of all phenomenon including relationships. Not knowing this difference clearly results in inner confusion and external conflicts with other people and making our life continue with sufferings.

God and different names and forms: How the word "water" is pronounced differently in different languages, so is the word God portrayed in different images. This is the structuality difference of God. 

However, the use of water is felt the same by all people irrespetive of their language pronunciation. This is the functional or Energy aspect of God. So different religions address God in different names and forms like the different languages that pronounce the word water differently. However the usage of water is the same irrespecitve of the word it is called by. Same way, the Energy of God is use and material prosperity of life by all believers and non believers of God.  

There is only one God and One Energy and they both are two sides of one coin. One cannot perceive both at the same time. When one is perceived , the other is hidden. Enlightenment is,  when one  perceives both at the same time, that is both the structuality and functionality.

Devotion to God leads to Enlightenment, that further culminates in liberation from the cycle of life and death.

However God's Energy makes one live life prosperously. Energy is the reality (Truth) of life in the sensorial perceived world. Nobosy can deny it. Like finger prints, no two individuals have the same Prosperity in life, including twins. This Energy difference comes from the harvesting potential of an individual and converting to the different faculties of life.

The Rishis, the scientists of  ancient Bharath (current India) had a clear knowledge of the difference between God Consciousness and  functional Energy. This is the greatest scientific understanding of mankind. This relveation is the highest revealtion that any man could comprehend in one's life time.

This is why only in India, where both science and religion exists together. When this is misunderstood, it breeds superstition, otherwise makes life propserous. All religions perceive God as He (Consciousness) and only in Indian Energy science, God is also perceived as she (Energy).

God is "He" or "She".  God when perceived as the fundamental subratum of all existance, then God is "He" (Purusha). When God is perseived as the Energy phenonmenon, then it is She (Prakruthi or nature).

For material short commings in life, focus towards the "He" aspect of God will not make a change in the propseriyt of life. It can only end up in breakign the eternal suffering in life (freedom from life and death).

However for material shortcomings of life, focus towards the Energy or Sakthi (Feminine) aspect of God by energy tapping rituals will make a change in life by removing suffering due to insuffiency.

The energy rituals formulated by Rishi's are Energy technology that can tap (convert)  the continous flowing God Energy in nature. This is like the electricity generated by tapping from the continous flow of water with a turbine, copper wires etc. Solar energy of sun can be converted to electrcity and used to run all appliances neded for life.

Same way using Tantra (Technology) is the energy converting method using fundamentally light energy and sound energy into life prosperity energy. Energy (including life prosperity energy) cannot be created nor destroyed but only be transformed from one form to another.

Light energy (lamp lighting)  and sound energy (Mantras) can be converted to all aspects of life prosperity energy and enjoyed. This may sound ridiculous, as ridiculous as solar energy converted to electric energy which can make cars runs, lightup bulbs, turn on television, do bussiness transcation in a computer etc.

Hence energy generating tantric rituals are not religious but a teachnology to tap functional aspect of nature for making life better. please see examples of some rituals  in the below links.

How to increase luck in life?

Energy generating Rituals.


Source: Universal  Selftual Pattern book.


kolam dots Difference of opinion between husband and wife, between parents and children, between friends, between employers and employees, between citizens and president, between leaders of the country, between leaders of the different religions, same religions, between scientists, etc.

Everyone is correct, If everyone understands, the limitations in their view and at the same time, tries to understand the other's different point of view, there will  be no  conflicts and wars. Every point of view has its own logic, like pieces in a jigsaw (Zigsaw) puzzle. But the Truth is in the whole view. This is like the Truth and the  five group of Men and the elephant.

Over centuries why are religious wars fought by the name of God?.

This is because of the fundamental misunderstanding about God (Consciousness) or Energy. God is the unconditional, eternal aspect, and Energy is the conditionality of the Consciousness.

Let us take this simple example to understand this clearly.  Assume that my dad works as a school teacher in the school I study. Then my father has two aspects, one at home and one at school (though he is the same person). 

As a person, he unconditionally performs both the roles of being a dad to me at home and a teacher in my school class room. But he has a conditionality (stick to rules) in performing the roles in both places. 

At home, he is conditional to me only as a father and not to other children,  which means, he is a loving dad, who plays games with me like a friend, who feeds me food like a mother, who also helps me in my home work like a teacher and accompanies me at bed like a sibling. He performs many functionalities at home based on the way I want. This  "I" want is a condition to which he also performs it.  This situation based changing nature of my father is the functional "Energy" aspect of my father.  This Energy aspect is called as the "Feminine" or she aspect.

Feminine means Energy form and referred to as "She". 

However, at school, he is my class teacher. He is unconditional to all students. He treats me along with all students as one.  I have no preference as a son  in the class room. He gives grades to me without any bias, which means , based on my performance and not because of a parental relationship. 

Therefore, in-class room, he is an unconditional teacher, which alone will make the classroom work smoothly. If he has preference to me with a conditioned behaviour to me "specifically" in the classroom, then it causes confusion and bias.

As an ideal teacher, he treats me one with all the other students. When he gives a classroom test, he has to reduce marks for my mistakes. I may not like his unbiased nature, but he cannot break the rules, he himself made as a classroom teacher. So he gives marks or grades according to my own action. If I study and wrote the answer correct, he gives the mark accordingly. This is why my grades are different from my class-mates.

Religion, Science and Spirituality: What we call as the father and the Son relationship in religion, the spirituality views it as the teacher and  the student. In Science, it is known as Consciousness and Energy.  All this dualism is only of the one aspect (Father) and its functionality (teacher profession).

We confuse between the parent and the teacher, who is essentially the same.  This is why life seems to be a mystery. If we  can look at things in its proper place, there are no internal conflicts and external wars.

God is "He" or "She". The unconditional aspect of God is the "He", version which is how all the religions designate it as. Therefore God is looked upon only as a the almighty and like the teacher, we the students are judged on the basis of my performance in life (good deeds) and punished for bad actions, without any preference, whether you believe in him or not. 

However only in India, God is looked both at "He" and as "She". In the She form, God's Energy can be invoked even if we dont have merits due to good deeds.  We can generate the Energy for prosperity of life in a technological form or  "Energy" based rituals (Tantra). Also with the feminine Energy nature, God is considered in all relationships in India. As a mother, father, sibling, friend, lover, husband, wife, teacher God can be conditioned in my mind.  

The "He" version of God is unconditional and becomes religions. The both and conditional and unconditional (He and She) aspect becaomes Sanathana Dharma, the Eternal nature of divine. 

Prayer is a placebo effect when done towards the masculine He form of God. We divert our Mind energy to get what we wished for. If it is lacking, then we see no results of prayer. However, the Energy based rituals are not placebo in nature, because Energy is not a placebo, it is real and is not generated from within one's own faculties of body or mind. (Please click for more details)

God- the Father and  the Mother: The ultimate purpose of religions (Masculine he form of worship) is for inner evolution and take life fated as the will of God (Decisions of a class room teacher). The Indian Spirituality has both Masculine and Feminine aspect. The masculine form is taken for inner spiritual evolution while the feminine form is taken for the changing the prosperity of life, that is, the destiny of life can be changed  by generating Luck Energy through technological rituals. Indian Vedic science is an eternal science "Enlightening" both the fatherly Masculine and Motherly feminine aspects of the Single Divine power, commonly called as God. 

The masculine form of God  is not visible, the feminine form of God is visible as Nature (Prakruthi). Hence in Indian spirituality , nature is well taken care and protected beause it is the expression of God in Energy form. That Energy form manifest  in five Phenomenon the Pancha Bhootas (Bhutas), the elemental patterns  of nature.

Embracing all: Sakthi foundation is dedicated in spreading this clear understanding, embracing atheism, all religions, all sciences and spirituality into one.

This is why we terminated  a contract with a school who was interested in spreading Hindusim. At the same time, we warned a teacher in our Sakthi School for spreading Christianity. At sakthi school, we invite mosque to do Muslim prayer on Ramzan day, the church carols group to sing for the children on Christmas day and do Deepavali in school.

Sakthi Foundation is not an religious organization spreading any individual's belief system, but the Universal truth which in Sanskrit we call as Sanathana Dharma, or Universal Truth for all times, all places and all beings.

Our CCC , CAC and CCC2 programs are conducted to bring in individual peace, Social  peace and Universal Peace.

The best knowledge we have brought out is the Energy and the Universal pattern of Evolution. This is most vital to understand God and Evolution with highest clarity. 

This  we say as Om Shanthi, Shanthi Shanthihi in Sanskrit.


Money is congealed energy

Money Energy Is Spiritual Energy

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