Existence of God has been debated for centuries. Very often it ends in fight or war and rarely in peace. We understand that it ends in fight when it is debated from different levels. When discussed at the same level it ends in peace. We bring here the five levels commonly at which God is perceived.


1. Body Level: No body has so far been able to show to others God, in a particular form or image, or a person that the eyes can perceive or a sound that could be heard or a aroma to be smelled, or an invisible that could be touched or tasted by tongue.

Since there are people who consider that something exists only if we perceive with the body's five sense organs, they deny God. They are correct there is no God that is in a body form. This is the basis of atheism.
Cause of conflict: Since atheist demand theist to show God in a physical form, it leads to conflict.

2. Mind Level. There are a few who have not seen God in physical form , but have a emotional feeling. This is the basis of religions. The feeling could be due to fear of a higher power. Or it could be respect of a higher power. It could be due to a love for a higher power. For these people even though they dont physically see the higher power, they feel good about or find peace when they emotionally feel about God.
Cause of Conflict: Since the emotional feeling differs from person to person, there is a conflict among different religious groups and also within the religious groups about the concept of God. This personal views and interpretation of God causes religious wars. If all the religious people understand that their view of God is only at the emotional feeling level, then all the conflicts will go away. Religious conversions are only imposing one's emotional concept of God to another. Conversions are mostly an emotional marketing tool to sell their idea to others for personal benefits or satisfaction.

Anything to do with the mind level are diverse. Animals do not exercise the mind choices. So they dont have rivalry over the concepts. Example a cow does not have a problem eating grass the whole life and does not mock at another animal eating berries.

Whereas in human, because we exercise more of the diverse mind choices , we have variety of food, variety of color clothes to wear, variety of cars, soaps, pens, shoes, etc. No body can say their food is the best, their color choice is the best. It is an individual taste.

Religion is also an individual taste or concept of perceiving God. So no religion is better than the other. It is just an individual choice only. Like all foods generally converted to energy, all religions help Man to understand they are something than a mere "physical body".

3. Intelligence level: Scientist go beyond the individual taste and look for God that is universal for all. So they see God in the form of laws that govern nature. Their laws are universal to all whether one is an atheist, or a religious person or animal, plant or a micro organism. Science is elevating man to look beyond than a mortal body and a choice making emotional machine. Science helps to expand the intelligence of man.
Conflict: Science however has limitations and wins over the conflicts of religious people, because their level of view is more than the body and mind. However, they are many blind alleys were Science confronts especially in defining purpose of life or creation of this Universe.


All the views of Atheist, Religious and Scientific are biased because they have a pre-conceived notion of God and brings to prove it or disprove it.

A neutral view is from Spiritual is not based on physical, mental or intellectual reality.

4.Awareness Levels: People who are in Awareness level (Spiritual) who has transcended the identity to body level, mind level, intelligence level, perceive God in the form of Awareness within themselves. The God they perceive is not a physical body or emotional being or an intelligent form, but Awareness. They use technologies like Yoga and meditation to identity this Awareness.
Conflicts: Spiritual people have conflicts within themselves when they cannot find the Universal Awareness.

5. Consciousness Level: At the Consciousness level, an individual identifies to the Universal Awareness. There is no Self identity and this way the individual is at the Consciousness level finding freedom in thoughts, which is experienced as Ananda or Eternal bliss. This an unconditional love state. This is a conflict free Zone, because from this level, one can see all levels and all conflicts and can only smile at the limited perceptions of the physical world and physical life.

At this highest level, the Consciousness person understands that there is only God and nothing else in eternity. It is this one God that are perceived in five different forms by people at five different ways. Like one electric current is what appears as light in an electric bulb, appears as sound in a music system, grinds fruit s to juice in a blender, heats the electric stove and blows as wind in a fan. Here we fail to distinguish the functionality and personality of God. This is the cause for confusion and conflicts with all different five views of people and claim they are only right and their path is only right.

God when identified as individual Self, become Awareness or Energy. When this Energy functions with laws, Scientists, perceive that limited laws only and the religious person perceives in the form of emotions and an atheist in physical forms. This is very similar to the five men and the elephant.

Our attempt through this discussion is to unify everyone to understand the only Truth (Consciousness) and find peace within themselves.

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