There is only one Universal Energy source from which everything manifest. This Energy source religious groups call as God, Spirituals calls as Truth or Self.

In religious groups some have one God, other many. In Vedic Spiritual tradition, there is no concept of a Personal God. However the Gods  referred in Vedas are the Energy attributes of the Universe.

One could easily understand this by connecting to one-self and see that as an Individual we have one thought, but we have millions of thoughts of actions.  These thoughts are attributed to millions of Gods.

The Vedic seers understood that every individual has their own characteristic way of thinking different combination of thoughts and the way of looking and identifying things. These has lead to create many God forms, theories etc.

This section is to help one to discover the cause and nature of different Gods (Pantheism vs Monotheism).




Mitra, Yama Aditya, Soma

Please click here for the five views of God.

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