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          Awareness while doing Seva

More imposing than a mountain is the greatness of a man who,
steadfast in family life, has mastered self-control.
-Tirukkural 13: 123-124

       Having discussed about Seva in detail, we will highlight again  the point that while doing Seva one should be totally be aware of  the expecting nature of the Egoistic mind. At the same time we should pay attention how the Ego behaves under various situations. While doing seva watch the thoughts that arise. Negatives thoughts of the Ego that expresses as anger, pride, Jealousy, hatred, are easily observed when  selfless seva is performed with awareness. Through awareness one gains control over the negative qualities over time.  This mind watching or thoughts watching is the objective  of meditation.

        Awareness of our negative qualities are easy to be watched while practicing  Seva in family. Not only  family members can be more understanding and can also forgive and forget mistakes, but also has in fact remind us to be aware of it. Family life becomes enjoyable when members including children have an outlook of doing seva at home as a means of  transcending the Ego. Whenever confusion comes in taking steps in life, always focus on duties and not likes and dislikes.

       When we perform duties with the attitude of not thinking of any selfish rewards, but as an obligation, as a contribution to life — that spirit will develop an inner detachment. This detachment according to Bhagavad Gita means detaching from the mind, ego state to the awareness state.

        Attachment arises when we only act for our own selfish requirements, our position, and so on. When we think of our duties towards our family, our society, our religious life, we do not become self-centered, but start to think more about others, trying to do things for others; that is what is called seva — selfless service. Through the spirit of selfless service we become detached and our mind becomes purified.

      Thus Seva becomes one of the important means for inner purification. Now let us go to other advanced space therapy techniques.

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