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     Types, kinds of  Selfless Service (Seva)

3. Intellect - knowledge

    Sharing knowledge with the needy is at the next level of selfless service. Sharing any type of knowledge is a service. With holding any knowledge to oneself is  stinking stagnating water without growth.

    In teaching,  one teaches but two learns. This is the power of sharing knowledge. Imparting positive thoughts and words is also a selfless service that help others to lead a life of higher values.  But one should be careful to advice something that one has practiced, otherwise it will not have any effect on the receiver.

Two levels of  Seva: Internal and external

           Helping others by sharing one's intellectual strength is seva at external level and when one shares the intellectual knowledge by inner maturity is at the internal level.

    When the internal maturation is reached, then one spends life in creating that awareness in others. At this state one's life itself becomes the message for others to learn.

4. Awareness

  Spiritual masters apart from rendering selfless service at all levels, their transcended presence itself a selfless service. It is therefore difficult for common man to appreciate the selfless service of masters like Ramana Maharishi, whose  transforming presence of full Awareness, is their service to all.

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