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Purpose of Selfless Service (Seva)

   The purpose of doing selfless service at all levels, helps in transcending to the deep state of awareness. If this is in mind, then there are no ill effects accrued imparting selfless service. Not understanding the purpose of Selfless service brings back  frustrations and hatred in the provider because he or she does the act of Seva with expectations. Doing Seva with expectations only breeds pain and inner suffering to the performer.

  Having a selfless attitude will uplift us. “We should serve others without any expectations whatsoever. By helping others we are, in fact, helping ourselves by transcending to the realm of awareness. On the other hand, every time we do a selfish action, we are harming ourselves by moving away from the state of awareness.” 

       Ignorance about the purpose of Seva will cause the mind to expect fame and power in the name of selfless service or Seva. This expectation and its results will bring forth pride. At the intellect level, it will scheme for benefits and will create corruption in the system and also will ruthlessly involve into manipulative action to maintain and preserve the pride. All this only boost the ego and leading to destruction of the Real Self causing pain, suffering and depression.

    If the intention is clearly understood that Seva brings inner expansion and purification of mind, there is joy in doing such selfless service. Then the inner happiness manifest as selfless service for others.

      We will discuss about the cause of terrorism, which is due to ignorance of the purpose of Seva and the Real Self.  Terrorism hides under the pretext of selfless service to a limited group of individuals and destroys peace of the world.

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