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Types, kinds of  Selfless Service (Seva)

1. Body-physical

       Individuals do various selfless service on the level of their inner identification. The basic and fundamental service is the sharing at the body or physical level. One can share one's body or physical strength with others which become the act of selfless service as seen in numerous activities of helping others in hours of need, like example, rendering help to an area struck with a natural disaster.

     Seva through material means (dhan) or philanthropy (daan) is the sharing at the outer physical level. Sharing our material objects with the needy nurtures our inner growth. Fund raising campaign and doing donations all fall into this category.  Personal philanthropy can be debasing for the receiver and ego-enhancing for the giver, but self-effacing community service is ennobling. This is why always doing service as a group is good but care should be taken not to restrict again the seva to groups of personal choices. The seva should be  rendered irrespective of caste, creed and nationality.

 Two levels of  Seva: Internal and external

           Helping others by sharing one's body strength is seva at external level and when one shares the physical wealth by inner maturity is at the internal level.

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