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Food adulterations with toxic chemicals

Food adulterations with toxic chemicals can take a heavy toll on your health and ferility and future health of children etc. Many processed foods are prepared with food flavors and synthetic colors or natural colors. In name of the word "Natural" the public is fooled by commercial companies.

 Nano-particles - invisible toxins in our food and cosmetics


see this news

Indian black pepper adultered with mineral oil

also FDA in uSA approved mineral paraffin oil in foods

Also Europe has approved it , and says in above concentration can cause liver spleen damage

Tansformer oil adulteration in ireland in 2008

chicken cooked in mineral oil

This is an amazing list from Government (Delhi) about list of adulterants in foods and detection methods

Another list

Bangalore testing

Mineral oil in olive oil


see mineral oil in food in coimbatore street foods found.


coconut oil with liquid paraffin- Hindu paper report


   Ayurveda - A Branch of Veda

          Ayurveda is deeply rooted in Vedic thoughts. It is a part of the Vedas, the science of knowledge on health or "Ayur". This is why in Ayurveda, apart from administering  herbal medication, a patient integrates yoga and meditation in conjunction with spiritual practice as an ultimate solution. According to the Vedas, to be "spiritual" means to "enquire" and be free from concepts and wrong beliefs. The spiritual practices of Vedanta are deeply intertwined in Indian culture to give the double benefit of attaining good physical and mental health and also to accelerate the evolution of man. We started our life on Earth as single cell microbes and later  evolved to the penultimate - last but one- state of human body. This will be discussed  in detail in Evolution later.

           The final step, of course, is to evolve to the level of Pure cosmic Consciousness.  This can be achieved only when humans purify all traces of animal tendencies within them and recognize cosmic Consciousness using the human body and mind. Science teaches us that Man evolved to this human form using his intellect. It is the intellect that helped him to master his surroundings more efficiently than his animal counterparts. What is left is to master his own mind to the highest evolved form.       

          Therefore, in Ayurveda, an individual is not superficially treated for any disease. Disease is understood as a compulsive emergency step by the body to turn inward to the mind and eradicate all negative tendencies that hinder the evolutionary process. As a result, preventive measures in the form of health secrets were ingrained in Indian culture in daily life to attain sound physical and mental health. Sound physical and mental health is achieved only through strengthening of the intellect which then becomes conducive to further spiritual enquiry of life. 

              It is a pity that when Man is confronted with any physical disease or ailment, his immediate focus is an external agent or cause , ignoring the very mind that is the root cause. The word "Man" comes from the root word "Mana" which means mind in Tamil and Sanskrit languages.

We will start to discuss how the mind leads to diseases and how the same mind when treated brings peace to us.


Ayurveda the source of Homeopathy

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Greatness of Ancient Ayurveda and exposing the fraud in modern commerical ayurvedic medicines.

Exposed by Mohanan Viadyar.


1. Tinospora cordifolia Guduchi chitramruthu seenthil kodi . Tinospora cordifolia: One plant, many roles


Addictive Habits

Stress of the Mind Leads to the Formation of Habits          

         Hopefully you are getting some idea of what happens when something triggers an emotional outburst in you. The anger, hatred, jealousy, lust, greed etc. trigger these highly charged, emotional  responses in you without you being aware of the fact that you are killing yourself. This is why  people who are continuously stressed look old before their time. But things are even worse than this for people who suffer from chronic stress. Consider the unnecessary aging involved in the process if the pituitary, the adrenals, the pancreas and the liver pump out chemicals continuously to control blood sugar that we don’t need. In short, the process wears us and our bodies out.

        This is where most people turn to stimulants to help them regain energy and control. Typically, these will include some form of sugars, tea, coffee, cola drinks, chocolate,  cigarettes, horror films, 'retail' therapy and such extreme activities as free-fall parachuting and bungee jumping. Those who are not fussy about keeping within the law may seek their buzz from amphetamines, crack, cocaine, or crime. The use of stimulants to regain energy tends to lead to a demand for relaxants, such as alcohol, sleeping pills, tranquillizers and cannabis.

         It will not surprise you to learn that no-one can live like this for long without experiencing burn-out. This is why holidays are so popular. But packing and traveling can be extremely stressful too. Moreover, the typical holidaymaker will choose to read a steamy or gripping paperback novel while waiting for the plane or while lying on the beach. Stress is never far away.

       If the holidaymaker is truly addicted to stress, he or she will soon crave some excitement. Lying on the beach is not enough to provide the buzz that is needed. Water skiing or wind surfing may meet the need.

      If you have ever found that you become ill or feel completely exhausted whenever you take time off from work, it is likely that you are already addicted to stress.

How to relieve mental stress?

We will discuss more later. Next we have to understand about how our  lifestyle and food habits lead to stress in the body.

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The Fundamental Problem

                  In the figure given below, we have tried to briefly summarize what factors give rise to health and disease. You are pretty much aware of these facts through various sources but the important fact is that you have not analyzed it thoroughly for this truth to sink deeply in your Self. Please go through the figure and contemplate how  thoughts, whether positive or negative, form a cyclic loop which ultimately gives rise to health or disease. The details of stress would be discussed in further topics.

         Terms like right or imbalanced thoughts, balanced or imbalanced lifestyle, the mind, the intellect will all be discussed in further topics. One gets confused when finding a way out of the loop that causes diseases. It is even hard to find which aspect to start with first to correct the loop that leads to diseases.

          Equally confusing is to decide what to do when we have a burning health issue. The questions that usually come to our minds are whether we should adopt a natural, alternative medical system or go for quicker allopathic medical system.  We will discuss these  questions later.

         Let us continue  to understand more about the connection between the cause of diseases and thoughts of our mind.

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  Modern Life and Disease

          Modern man is challenged with more diseases than ancient man. Infectious diseases and inflammatory diseases are significantly on the rise in our "hi-tech" world. Our stressful lives in this modern age are directly responsible for a significant rise in inflammatory diseases like cancer, arthritis, allergies, asthma, Parkinson's, diabetes, and other autoimmune diseases. Stress also weakens the immune system and makes the body vulnerable to infectious diseases.

       During the industrial revolution, when people started to flock to the cities, they ignored sanitary measures and so they suffered from infectious diseases. Now our lifestyle has improved in external sanitary conditions but the internal sanitary conditions of the mind has worsened. Measures taken on external sanitary conditions have decreased infectious diseases to a certain extent, but ignoring internal sanitary conditions have resulted in accelerating the rise of stress related diseases.

        Today we are faced with more health related issues that simply didn't exist  years ago.  Through quarantine mode we have kept diseases like small pox under control. With the discovery of antibiotics we are able to control infectious diseases to an amazing degree; but because of the misuse of these drugs we are encountering new threats.

       Modern medical science struggles to combat degenerative autoimmune diseases. It offers drugs to slow down the process; these, in turn, have nasty side effects which can sometimes cause more problems than they solve. We are settling for a lower quality of life from a younger age even with a longer life span.

        Pre-mature aging diseases are on the rise despite a longer life span. This is  because we do not know how to reduce stress or how to deal with it.  We can live a higher quality of life and extend our lifespan by many years by understanding stress and taking necessary action to reduce stress.         

       We will now, very briefly, highlight certain aspects in day to day life to understand how much chemical stress we put our body under everyday. We not only bring to your attention the different stress factors but also suggest preventive measures or alternative approaches.

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