Testimonials - German School 12th Grade students Project February 2015
Hello to all the members and supporters of Sakthi Foundation Schools from Germany!

P1140205We - the Montessori Highschools - Munich and Wertingen thank you for your work, your support and your unbelievable huge hospitality that we could experienced in Coimbatore, Sendurai and Poraiyar. The welcoming at all the schools was so warmly, that we felt immediately safe and secure.
P1140351Everything was perfectly planned and organized, you offered us a lot ;-) of amazing tasty indian meals, we were allowed to eat them from the banana leaf. You organized wonderful excursions to the sea, to indian temples and other cultural places, things we never had expected.

All of our students has taken a big amount of unforgettable experiences to Germany, not only with view to the indian culture also in various kinds of educational questions. The main reason for this is, that all the schools are well developed and carried by a healthy enthusiasm of all members! Your schools are islands or oasis of kindness, of philosophical thoughts and ideas, of creativity and deep humanity in the educational field. No one can copy it, it is an individual work inspired by Maria Montessori's achievements. That was wonderful to see, to feel.

I will never forget the cooperation between our students and the indian children when they present their materials! What a wonderful experience.

P1140433It is a bit insufficient to say just "thank you", but my english or hopefully the english language doesn't offer a stronger expression for what I'm trying to say... It was a breathtaking experience you've enabled.

At least I hope that we can find a way to continue our cooperation maybe in February 2016!

Warmest and kindest regards from the Montessori Schools Wertingen and Munich

Bernhard Warsitz

2nd March 2015 Germany.


A feedback of the Uni5-System by Bernhard Warsitz

1. The status quo

One of the basic tasks of a teacher is to develop the educational environment in a scientific way: with professional observations and permanent improvement, implementing new ideas within using the feedback coming out of the critical thoughts of the educators. That is what has happened, still happens and that is what has leaded you to the well structured and elaborated Uni5 Concept!

2. The issues of Uni5

I'm not an expert of premilary education, what I and the students could see is, that especially the presentation of a concept is a high quality element which evolves the child's curiosity. Curiosity is the basic need of human being, and if a child learns to feel (!) his curiosity he will follow this need and he will use any possibility to learn. 

3.  The impact of the attitude and personality of the stuff
In my eyes effectful and humane education is mostly a question of a 'professional' attitude (authenticity, understanding and appreciation), in short of an empathetic personality. The second step are high quality methods of teaching like a well prepared learning environment. The students analysed immediately after they observed the team in Sendurai, that this team have a positive attitude towards the children and towards each other.

Best and warm regards from snowy and cold Germany...

Bernhard (25th Feb 2015)

Feeb Back from German Students:

Julia: Children in this center have many different materials than in Germany. I can feel the Uni5 connection through learning mainly with nature’’ .

Hocht Raphael: ‘’ the center is nice, children can do what they need, there is fun. In Germany normal school teachers plan and take the students in their direction. This is done even in Montessori schools. But here the system is more based around the child and the children correct themselves.[ Thanks Raphael for making the wind mill with banana leaves and twigs].

 Paul Junk ‘’I learned a lot, children are motivated in a different way and they also view the tools in different way. Security and parental care is more here. EPL materials are very important and they are very different and very nice based on the traditional kitchen. This is going to help them to assist the mothers and themselves later.’’

Anja ‘’It was nice to be with children who do so many work by themselves. They are also independent in handling the tools here.’’

Lina ‘’Very natural setup. In Germany the same age group has more games and fun. Here they have fun through working with tools. Working with tools is much related to day to day life. Role of the teacher is very interesting. I learn that I have to do my own work for which I have to be trained in much earlier age’’

 Sonja ‘’for me communication is not difficult because the child has understood what I want to convey. EPL tools are very nice and only play can be seen here in this center’’.

A parent, ‘’I understood that we must assist the child at right time with right help which is the main philosophy of the system’’


Montessori Schule Wertingen
    Zusmarshauser Str. 19, 86637 Wertingen, Germany
+49 8272 5000

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Testimonial-Early childhood Course

Last updated Dec 2020

Teachers Feed Back Online Classes During Corona Shutdown  

Sakthi Foundation
UNI5 schools - meeting - December 3rd, 2020
Conference call 
All schools
1. Ms.Latha
''I feel NRI children have more experience and we need to challenge them more and I have update my learning. They are able to connect the concepts soon with arts and selftual. They are able to connect 360 degree link and understanding and this makes my expectation more about their learning. The mixed age group is new for me and I am learning how to address them in group. Hari Om school makes me to choose topics which will suit their level of grasping.All children can link and learn fast only when the system is implemented at least for one year. All these three group of children [Poraiyar, NRI, Hari OM] proves that. When all join and do I learn many aspects from other UNI5 staff. I have gained enough experience in these 8 months through on line sessions. We thank all.We are able to adjust and help others in online sessions when there are many technical issues.Hari Om management is perfect and we do that under Ms.Kalpana's [principal] guidance.I am more exposed to arts, culture, followup activities. Ms.Kalpana feel very thankful and she feels we are gift to her. ''
2. Ms.Raje
''I am much experienced through zoom session. i am more exposed to selftual linking. I am able to handle older ages and I am experiencing many degrees of learning and understanding. NRI childrens' parents role makes me very happy and that is expected in all localities.We got opportunity to see whole UNI5 team and mingle to plan and teach.I observed how Dr.Madeswaran handles the sessions and especially activities after concepts. Ms.Kalpana supports and encourages us and she relates the samacheer syllabus with UNI5 and ask us to plan. UNI5 syllabus is much detailed and we have more to teach. I have learned how to make use of limited objects at home to use as aids.''
Ms. Shanthi
''First class in NRI zoom made me much happy about the interest, exposure, parents dedication. We do as teaching job and parents do as regular duty.Divya madam's videos makes me to plan well and learn how to link more and ask questions to infants. I learn many things from each UNI5 staff.I am also exposed to samacheer syllabus. I learn how to question through Dr.Madeswaran's sessions.I too learn how to plan activities and home work. I too see how the UNI5 system makes very young children to do many work through Parasu's sons.Yesterday's video sessions makes us to plan well and do the early lessons.''
''I thank all. I thank foundation for paying me when many schools are not paying salary. NRI sessions makes me to get rained well. It made me to expose many hidden talents. I have improved my English. I am learning an easier way to link in all five levels. Selftual linking by us and children is important. We learn how to work as a team from various UNI5 schools and we are in one family.If I have not taken these sessions my energy would have gone down.I follow all rituals and festivals. Hari Om children have developed in many aspect of learning and they grasp well and we are happy with Kalpana madam's plans.''
''Zoom session improved my confidence. I feel selftual linking is very important. I see their confidence. I am happy that I am exposed to other graders and I have to prepare that. I feel we are in one family as a team. I too feel I am focusing my errors and correcting. Planning the probes is very challenging and parents involvement makes me to admire.I am happy that we are able to handle samacheer syllabus in UNI5 way.Yesterday's video must be seen and updated to give early UNI5 lessons.We are happy to see in long leave through online.''
''Daily we are teaching 25 students in our locality. They are regular in coming.They are from preprimary to middle in mixed age group.We appreciate our parents for sending them as they feel too many holidays are spoiling the children and they support our classes.ABACUS math session by Hiran makes them to solve many sums without note work.We are doing all activities.''
''Only in our locality we got this oppertunity to handle the classes in COVID time. Our parents are very happy. poor children learn through us and many private school children also join with us. Middle school students can handle concepts  and this shows success of UNI5 in middle sessions. Children learn from each other.Children come even to our home to open the school. Children are not interested in TV sessions and come to UNI5 sessions and they ask for whole day classes. Elder children can teach many known concepts to younger ones. Hiran's classes are much welcoming and he does a great job with ABACUS training.I learn that a teacher must be ready to do the duty at any time. COVID holidays taught me this. Many ask us are we paid and we say we are paid. We thank foundation.''
''Many online sessions makes children loose interest. But our sessions are interesting because of interaction and conversation. I admire out staff team work. The way they unite and plan is good. Parents are observing how we are presenting the syllabus and that makes more meaning for their purchase. Mixed age group is highly challenging and our staff are facing well. I have seen many children in NRI team picking up UNI5 pattern easily. They way we do selftual linking is very nice and I learn how to make them to link. Coordinating with LaxmiPriya through net work is new experience and it is a learning. The challenges in my ABACUS classes are now easy to handle. I am now confident and our two staff are supporting.''
''I feel I am working low and getting high salary.My timing is less in online. I thank the foundation. Zoom sessions makes me happy that many see me and I have developed my confidence and I am improving. I am happy the way children link the subjects and the self. UNI5 syllabus is increasing and samacheer syllabus is making me to plan well.''
”In person I am not friendly to on line technology and i hesitated to start the sessions. But with complete support of Laxmipriya and Hiran today I enjoy and make my staff unit also to enjoy. The experience from Hari Om in giving activities helped me a lot to handle these sessions. The selftual connections are the most important highlighting aspect. We did lot of recordings with language, art, music and parenting sessions which has to be brought out soon for commercial matter. The support given by foundation in financial aspect is very high and I thank. I can see all my staff can handle any age group in UNI5. Let us continue further.''
Dr.Pradheep Challiyill wanted all staff to get exposed to online sessions and Ms.LaxmiPriya with Mr.Hiran Venkatesan organized this. We are thankful to them and all parents for trusting us. We thank Ms.Kalpana Ravi for welcoming our UNI5 sessions into Hari Om School which makes lot of meaning.
Pungeri staff not participating as their net work connection is not good.
With regards.,

Parents feed Back- Online Classes During Corona Shutdown

Hello sir/Ma'am
I am new to this uni5 concept and I attended three sessions which gave me basics of the uni5 concepts. This is my whole hearted review.
I have a 5yr old son and we stay in Bangalore,India. Uni5 is so so amazing concept and I never thought we will come across such a wonderful concept . We thought we need to bring him as a good individual with good morals and we were experimenting with various education systems but one or the other was lacking. Uni5 is like a balanced education which provides not only the knowledge but also the human values, heritage, culture everything for kid to make him a good human with intelligence and awareness, which will be the desperate need of the hour. Following this concept helps us as a parent to evolve ourselves in a better way in turn it helps the kid to follow us. We have changed a lot after this class. We have become more responsible , fine tuned healthwise and behavior wise in short period of time. The concept makes the kid to think in 360 degree and I feel there is no need to differentiate the subjects.Real object - gives the history, geography, biology of each object..
I got clear picture of cell only in my Bachelor's degree. But madeswaran sir had explained it to kids in just 2 seconds. The concepts are so easy to understand by the kid. My only regret is that
I should have found this long back ..
Thank you so much for being more generous in giving the concept and the seva you do to the living being in the world.

Thanks and Regards 

Revathi, Bangalore, April 2020

Dear sir,

I want to give you a feed back about the school, when I came to get training to start a new Uni5 school.
Around 9 am helpers and teachers started coming and around 9.15 children started coming. Actually today was the school reopening after quarterly holidays usually I have seen children cry while coming to school after a small gap, but to my surprise none of them cried they were really happy to come to school.

 All of the teachers were also very nice and they mingled with the student with so much affection and love. The synergy between the teachers helpers and the management has made this school unique. Student are the reflection of the teachers. Here I can see happiness and freedom in every child.
The materials the school has is of very high standard and quality and the children are maintaining them in good condition. This show the self discipline and consciousness the child have developed. During my school days I have seen children in the kindergarten cry and not happy and unwilling to come, here it is a totally different scenario. Totally astonished by the behavior of the children.

Ms Hema who is a well experienced teacher. It was really nice interacting with her, taught us many things about this school and made us understand what uni5 concept is.

The school went till 12.30 pm all around the time I have seen many activities performed starting from prayer to uni5 concept which is totally a different concept which other schools don't practice.
The teacher take great responsibilities in bring this kind of success who plan for the next day on before hand. Observes each child's activity and notes them down on a separate logbooks which is maintained for each children. They take feed back from each parent about the children when they are not at school. They give advice to the parent regarding parenting.
I have been made to observe a parent's feed back which was really full of positive feedback. The child corrects of their parents were wrong and the child have so much awareness about their health and are disciplined. It was very nice to hear such a thing from a parent and the parent was really happy about the school. As she has learnt all this from her school.
Everything is new and the best part is this is a non profit school which aims to promote teaching for the betterment of the society as today's children are tomorrow's citizen who intern will make this country proud.
I have come here to observe how a school works. As I (my dads initiative)have planned to open one in my city, due to the financial situation of my family we are making it commercial but soon I will make this a non profit and provide education to children for free. As education is a birth right to every child and it should not be barred to any child.
Feeling so much happy and I have got a clarity and have got a new goal.
Thanks to my mama(venkateasan )  who has introduced me to great Dr. Madheswaran who is the founder of this sakthi school and doing many good thing for the betterment of children education.

 Swetharanyan, Oct 6th 2015

Feedback shared by Singapore and Malaysian parents and teachers in our Uni5 childhood 
Parenting workshops on December 27th and 28th - 2014
''The workshop is very useful and I am satisfied. I have learned how to train the children'' - Mr.Balaranga
''It was very nice and useful program. It was helpful to me.I would like to thank you very much'' - Mr.Badrachalamoorthi
''Thanks for the talk. I am learning so many things which helps me to handle my grandson very much'' - Ms.Letchumi
''Thanks for the very informative and enriching talk. It gave birth to new ways of parenting and taking parenthood to a new level. I am glad to share this info to others'' - Ms.Kanaka.
'' I appreciate very much for the wonderful talk.It's really very informative and useful.Salute Sir! My humble request! Please share the articles about child development in e.mail also'' - Mr.Prem Shanti
''Firstly I thank you very much for the wonderful session. We are really happy to be here today and feel satisfied completely. As a child care taker, aunt of 4 children, teacher of 100 children I feel benefit from all facts, information and advises. WE hope to have more session by you in various topics in details about child. Thank you very much!'' - Mr.Prem
''It is a very serious question about directing young generation in a good manner. In this context you have taken a good step along with you members to guide parents community. In this mechanical world you have clearly guided us what can be done for children and when it can be done.I thank you a lot'' - Mr.S.VijayaKumar
''I appreciate your talk. We really had good time and benefited with your talk. Hope to meet you again in different topic'' - Dr.Padma
''Dr.Madeswaran's info is very clear. We are able to relate the info with reality. Benefited a lot. Able to make changes. Useful info can be applied in families. Overall an excellent session '' - Ms.Bhavani
''Let God blesses every one in your team! It is a good program. The scope is very wide but the time given was very short. Hence it would be beneficial if the subject matter be broken up into smaller subjects for better focus. Form up a focus group which can meet more often'' - Mr.R.Jeyaraju
''The talk is an eye opener for me as a secondary school counsellor in handling the behavioral challenges of the mixed group of students. I am aware of the challenges and by this talk I learned more ways to bring forth the inner order among my students'' - Setra Rasu Suppaiah
''I enjoyed the session. I found it very useful and beneficial for a mother with 2 young children. I have learned many do's and don'ts and I would definitely share the valuable info with my family and friends. Hoping to see you again in near future.'' - Dr.Meera Palaniappan
''The talk was very fabolous which is very essential and useful to apply and educate children. Really appreciate and thankful for the information shared. Hope to attend more program with you Sir! Best wishes to Uni5 Sakthi foundation'' - Mr.Jeyaraam
''Very informational and beneficial talk. I learnt and realized so many things on how to be a pillar in my child's development. I am looking forward to more talks like this in Malaysia in future. Thank you for your precious time by coming here and sharing your vast knowledge and experience with us. May God bless you always and I sincerely hope Uni5 schools will have more and more rapport in future. Happy new year'' - Dr.Muniandi
''Today's session was very informative. Speaker explained the topics in a very practical easy way to understand. Hope there will be more such program in the near future.'' - Mr.Madhavan
''A very great thanks to Dr.Madeswaran and his team organizers. This program was really awaesome and usefull for us. Knowledge and experience that shared by Dr.Madeswaran was great and it will help me to correct myslef to build my family bonding with my wife and children. In future I hope, we should promote this event especially in Indian temples and Tamil schools so that more people can be benefited'' - Mr.Rames Rasin
''It is very useful for me in this pregnancy time. I will try my best to implement the needs of the infant from now'' - Mrs.Parasuraman
''I hope I have done mistake in bringing up my children. I have to correct myself in various aspects'' - a Singaporian

25th March 2014
''My son is ding college and my daughter is in grade 9. But I wish to do this course to assist many other children in my life. I thank the URC center for accepting me to do this course apart from my age. I have really understood the world of child through this course and I also disagree that children are always naughty. This course is easy because it happened on week ends. This is easy for most of house wives like me. I wish to attend Dr.Madeswaran's sessions in a regular course. His lectures have impressed me a lot. What ever he has taught us is great and we need to learn more. I thank Dr.Chellakumarsamy and Coimbatore Namma Veedu School for making us to see a real Uni5 center.I just wish to say ''I am new born on this earth after this course''.
'I am coming from far away city [Trichy] to do this course. I do not know much about this educational system. Now I am happy to become aware about pregnancy and early childhood education. I wish to join in Sakthi foundation's Sendurai rural center  and work.Essential of work to hands, logical skills for mathematics and sensorial activities were impressing me. I understood the world of child which is really different from us.I have accepted the fact that we must sacrifice some thing to gain what we need. I wish to open a new school soon with the name ''BABY WORLD''
''URC center has taught me in most simple way. I am happy that I will be a teacher soon. I am aware about the sacrifice which is must from adult side for child's development. I have started implementing many concepts with my own children. At least once I wish to observe Sendurai school. Love, compassion and service are the 3 main developments for a modern man. This is being understood by me through this course.''
''I am first thanking Dr.Montessori for designing such a great course. It is very useful for me. Now it is very easy for me to handle the 5 years old child at home. I am able to observe transformation within me and my child.I have stopped seeing my child from my side. I am able to understand him well. I feel I must have done this course much more earlier. I used to beat my child for not doing home work. But now I am able to assist him in more calm way and complete his work. I have stopped handling him roughly.The course has changed my attitude towards my son.I have learned to make him to feel and relate all concepts than memorizing blindly. I am giving more positive approach to him.He is able to do all his work independently.I have also realized the greatness of calm and well planned pregnancy through this course.I thank my beloved husband for making me to do this course.''
''I am happy to see my son's transformations along with studies and self-discipline. This is because of this course.The course has taught me how to be a good mother.Many of my confusions has been solved.Dr.Pradheep's Uni5 concept of child development has removed the fear about child's future.I am proud to be a student under Dr.Madeswaran.Through him I have easily learned how to relate the concepts with self.I am proud to say that I will be good mother to my child and good child assistant to many children''
''I render my thanks behalf of all mothers to URC and Sakthi foundation for offering this course which has made me understand much about my own son. I have been transformed into a good mother. I am stress free in bringing up my son. I also thank the trust because many of us came out of home after long time. I thank my family for supporting me to complete the course. I am more patience and calm with my child by which we are able to understand each other. Uni5 system is new and more meaningful to me in person.''
''My husband made me to join in this course. I travel from a village  away from Erode every week to do this course leaving my infant child at home. In the beginning I was not much interested in the course but later when I implemented the concepts of child hood in my child I can see rapid changes. Now I have great respect for this course.I agree that first we must change before changing the child.
Observation in Coimbatore Namma Veedu Montessori - Uni5 center was very interesting and useful. Uni5 education has made me to understand the importance of pregnancy and child development. I have been appointed in a school. I am very happy to be a teacher. My transformations and approach to the children have surprised my principal also.They want me to serve for ever. I render my thanks to URC and Sakthi foundation for offering a course like this in low fees structure.''
Ms.Sabana Afrin.,
''I travel from Kodumudi town which is little far away from Erode city. My husband supported me a lot to do this course. I have transformed a lot and understood my children through this course.My children say that I am more happy and calm at home now. They have started giving more respect.I feel I am newly born after this course.I prefer to take the system to many children in future.''
2013-2014 - Montessori and early child hood education diploma [1-6 years] course completion farewell ceremony
Venue: Madras - Ramavaram center.,Date: March 2nd 2014
''I joined and did this course for my child. I am lucky to have this course. I have been supported by my family members to do this.I too spend lot of time with my daughter and implement the concepts which I am learning from this course. I am able to understand and accept her needs for her age.Now I feel I am much more responsible for her development. This is the real awareness I got through this course. Before this course I tried to change my child and now I am transforming and it is the truth.I am changing a child within myself. i HAVE UNDERSTOOD THE IMPORTANCE OF PREGNANCY AND CHILD DEVELOPMENT THROUGH THIS COURSE.My views and ideas about childhood has been changed by this course.I am undergoing my next pregnancy with real awareness after this course..I thank URC institute of medical sciences and Sakthi foundation for providing this course.''  
R.Divya Priya,
''I am very proud to do this course and say that I am a teacher and child assistant. I am fulfilling my promise to my father that I will become a good teacher.I have taken first this course to bring up my child.I have learned much about our responsibilities as a parent first through this course.My child was just 3 months when I joined and I am implementing many ideas to her and seeing her transformations.I have been transformed through this course.I am also guiding many mothers.My dream has been fulfilled. I have been appointed in a reputed Montessori school in Erode also.''
''I could not beleive certain concepts when the course was started but today I am able to see them into reality.First I have transformed. I am very eager to work in our new school.''
Lokesh Kumar,
''I am able to understand the child's mind very well and this helps me a lot to handle various issues in our centers''
''I wish I need to bring up my infant in the same way I have learned''
''Myself and my husband [Babu] felt that we must have one more child especially to be brought up in this system.I have transformed a lot.''
''The course is very useful for me to know much about early and teen age issues''
''I enjoyed this course and I am able to see a child with a different perspective''
''I am enjoying the whole children world and able to understand them very well, I too agree adults must change their attitudes''
''I am taking my transformations to many children and I am now viewing every child in a different way''
In this occasion they have gifted a set of Tamil and English sand paper letters prepared by them with great perfection.
URC and Sakthi foundation has been thanked officially for making the opportunity to offer this course in normal fees structure and in regional language for working people and mothers. Ramavaram candidates are 9 in number.They all work for 2 NGO's in rural areas of Kanchipuram district. They are planning to establish 2 rural Montessori - Uni5 early childhood learning schools. The course was started in 2013 June and every week end we conducted the course.
Today was their farewell day.Mr and Ms.Dr.Narayanan - founders of Pudhiyadoor trust has arranged for this course. Members of this trust and Namma Uru trust attended the course.
Dr.Narayanans were thanked officially by Sakthi foundation and URC center.
Dr.Narayanan addressed about the aim of early education in making the child to get well focused in all 5 levels.
Ms.Narayanan addressed the women candidates especially regarding the responsibility of being a good mother and teacher to very young children. She insisted about the tolerance and wise thinking like Kannagi [epic character]
Dr.Madeswaran thaked both the trusts for making the opportunity to conduct the course. He spoke much about the aim of the rural projects and selftual transformation within the students who did the course.
Mr.Suren - M.T of Namma Uru thanked Sakthi foundation for providing Montessori materials for 2 rural schools.Violence and discrimination can be removed just by proper early child hood education.We agree that this course will bring that in our villages.''
Mr.Sudersan has been thanked specially for providing is new village house for the Montessori school.
Mr.Babu from Pungeri village has also been thanked for making enough arrangements for the trusts to establish the school.
Mr.Rahul, ''I am able to see transformations within my own friends after this training and we are waiting to begin the schools''
Early Childhood brain stimulation through hand activity is very important.

Farah said her results were evidence for the existence of a sensitive period, early in a person's life, that determined the optimal development of the cortex. "It really does support the idea that those early years are especially influential."

As the brain matures during childhood and adolescence, brain cells in the cortex are pruned back and, as unnecessary cells are eliminated, the cortex gets thinner. Farah found that the more cognitive stimulation a participant had had at the age of four, the thinner, and therefore more developed, their cortex. "It almost looks like whatever the normal developmental process is, has either accelerated or gone further in the kids with the better cognitive stimulation," she said.

The most strongly affected region was the lateral left temporal cortex, which is on the surface of the brain, behind the ear. This region is involved in semantic memory, processing word meanings and general knowledge about the world.  https://www.theguardian.com/science/2012/oct/14/childhood-stimulation-key-brain-development


Testimonials of contents in website

Very interesting. I have always wondered why in Varnam in Carnatic Music and in Bharathanatyam dance we repeat the same movement twice or thrice. This explains it beautifully. - Meera Srikant - Feb 2013

Parental Care Course Testimonial

URC institute has arranged for a guest lecturing. Dr.Pradheep Challiyil [Senior scientist, Biotech company, Iowa, USA, Founder of Sakthi foundation and uni5 teacher] addressed about parental care, uni5 system of education to first batch of students in Montessori – uni5 training course. Students have given their testimonials as follows.  
urc-1Day: November 28th, 2013, Time: 10 – 12. 30 A.M  
Venue: URC hospitals, Erode.

Ms.Sivakami, ''Dr.Pradheep's talk about Uni5 concepts was very clear. I am able to grasp easily about the concept of zero through his germination experiment. I could not believe the effects of pregnancy and child development. But he made me to realize by recollecting my mind status in my own pregnancy and the behavior of my children.
 I am happy to hear more about finger learning of uni5 concepts and also about pattern based education. I am able to realize the child within my has to be developed along with the external child. I expect a long session with him next time''.


urc-2Ms.S.Maheswari, '' I liked your class. You made me understand the uni5 concepts with day to day life experiences. I am happy that Mathematics can be taught in more interesting way through Uni5 system. I am also thinking more about parenting after listening to your class''  

Ms.R.Divya Priya, ''I am able to understand the basic pattern of uni5 education which is going to be part of my teacher training through Dr.Pardheep Challiyil''  

Ms.S.Ratha, ''Uni5 system of conceptual learning is very easy. The way we make connection through 5 fingers is very easy. I have understood the panchabhoothas, drista and adrista through this. His lecture was very clear. I am also much aware about the cause and effect theory. We expect more timing with him next time.''  

urc-3Ms. S.Sabana Afrin, ''His talk is very important in our training session. He made us to understand the need for pattern based education in early childhood life. I am also very clear about the zero concepts. Fingering system of uni5 learning is different. I also understand the importance of relating the concepts to the self. I also accept all his concepts about pregnancy and child care. I am trying to identify the child within me after his talk''  

Ms.R.Vennila, ''Dr.Pradheep is very clear with Uni5 concept.''  

Ms.L.Revathy, ''I am trying to explore for patterns in all objects around me after listening to Dr.Pradheep's lecture. Learning with 5 fingers is different for me and it is interesting also. His experiment with germination to teach the zero concept is excellent and more visual. I accept that education must be with connection of day to day life and experiences. I am also clear about the cause and effect theory of all actions''.

 Ms.S.Shanthi, ''I am able to feel that the whole cosmos is having a pattern after listening to Dr.Pradheep's uni5 system of education lecture. I feel proud that my nation has contributed for zero concept. I am happy that I am an Indian. The whole liurc-4fe is within the seed called 5.I need to test myself from this day. I prefer to make my child to think in uni5 system. The good and bad of life is made by us. I am clear about this. He has made me accept the internal parenting which is very important for all of us. We thank the URC center for bringing him to Erode on this day!''  

Ms.S.Sudha,   ''We thank URC center for bringing Dr.Pradheep to our center. I am able to understand the universal pattern in all objects through his lecture. I am also clear with the zero concept. Internal parenting is more sensible to me''


urc-5Miss.Shobana, ''Dr.Pradheep's class was good''urc-6

English Class Testimonials.

 We will update (Last updated Feb 2013) new  testimonials here from students and adults attending the Uni5 sakthi Foundation English classes over phone. .  Names and place that appear in the testimonials are not real to to respect confidentiality of the individual's identity from being public. However only under written permission real names are being disclosed.Last Updated - Feb 2013

 After a long gap I had a chance to learn English again. I was unable to read continuously,made lots mistakes while reading & writing,main reason was I could not spend time for reading & writing the language.I was busy with my family.I came to know about spoken English class taught by Bala ambika madam through Dr.Madeshwaran.I have to thank him a lot.I was interested to join in the class.I feel very happy to  have teacher like her with patience,care,affection,devoted to her work and devotee.The way of teaching by madamimpressed & makes me interested in English till now.she gives training in reading,writing,making own sentences by vocabulary words this makes me to improve in English to write & even to speak.

I am eager to attend the classesduring holidays.The English class makes to spend my time in useful way.Even after the class i will spend nearly an hour time to complete my home works given by her.This makes me more familiar in the language. Earlier I was hesitant to speak in English i had fear if i may wrong.but now i am confident even converse in English.I am happy that i speak only in English to madam during English class.I wish to continue the class in the future also.This helps me to educate my children. Rathi vijayakumar Coimbatore Feb 2013.

 The English class by Balambika mam through phone was very useful to me. In my school, I used to escape from the sight of the English teacher because English was such a boring subject to me. But, this class was interesting. I bettered my reading skill and grammar knowledge. Today, I am trying to read and understand English story books. It is the impact of the English class in me. Thanks to all for the opportunity. Astalakshmi is doing under graduation in Tamil and teaching volunteer for the kids in Madurai Seed. (Feb 2013)





 From my childhood I always desired to speak in english. But unfortunately I studied in tamizh medium where english was taught as a subject  only to score marks. I could never learn or enjoy the language. But  fortunately Nammaveedu Montessori School offered this Spoken English classes to the teachers working  in their school absolutely free. I decided to use this chance to improve my language  which was a great chance for me  who  had the thirst to learn the language.


This Class sponsored by  Sakthi Foundation and  conducted by Mrs. Balambika  has changed my life positively.   I am finding it useful not only in school while teaching but also in my life.I  have gained knowledge and confidence after attending the class. She has given special training in vocabulary  which has made me learn many new words and teach my students also.I am able to read fluently and draft my own sentences. I am able to submit
the observations of the students in english.She has taught grammar from the basic which has made me understand the toughest part very easily.I am able to speak in english with my students and motivate them also to speak.


Recently I had been to Hyderabad. I dont know hindi. But I managed with english that was taught by Mrs.Balambika.I could reply and converse.I was delighted. I realised how great thi class has been and what wonders it has done to my life.Now I am confident wherever I go I will able to communicate to people.


My parents are also happy.I am thankful to Sakthi Foundation and Mrs.Balambika for providing this golden opportunity.Mrs .Kalaivani  Montessori Teacher (Sendurai School, first Teacher) (Feb 2013)


 I am working  in a Montessori School. So naturally english becomes essential. I had problem in reading and understanding english though I was well versed in Montessori education.At the right time Sakthi Foundation came up with this english course  which gave me the needed exposure to the language. Mrs.Balambika taught us grammar from the basic which helped me to understand  grammar easily. She gave training in reading and drafting own sentences. This helped me to learn the language and teach my students also.


Earlier I was scared of the language but now I am able to understand english and  reply back. Having gained confidence in the english, I did the Foundation Course in Montessori  which is an additional qualification  for my career. Again I must thank Dr.Madeshwaran and Mrs.Balambika  for enabling me to complete this course.


Today I find this class useful to teach not only students in school but also my son. This class has given me knowledge and confidence.Mrs .Shanthi (Sendurai School, Montessori Teacher) (Feb 2013)




 I worked in Montessori School earlier .Now I  have got a government posting. When  I was allergic to the english language I got a chance through Sakthi Foundation to learn this  language in a  pleasant way. I  started to attend the class because Dr.Madeshwaran  asked the teachers to attend. But later on I got interested to learn the language because she taught us in an easy and pleasant way. Slowly I learnt to read , write and draft my own sentences . I was able to teach the children also english. Mrs. Balambika helped me to like the language  by teaching grammar from the basic. She was very patient and kind to teach us the pronunciations repeatedly even when we made mistakes. -Ms.Mallika, Sendurai School (Feb 2013)


Today the english I learnt is helping me a lot .Thanks to Sakthi Foundation  and Mrs.Balambila.


 I attended Balambika’s English class regularly. The class induced my efforts to speak the language. What I liked most is creating a sentence from a verb. My goal in 2013 is improving my communication in English.

Saranya is doing under graduation in Commerce, teaching Madurai Seed children Maths.  (Feb 2013)

 First, I wonder “I do not understand the teaching of my teacher in school. How this phone class will help me? But Balambika mam is teaching from the fundamentals. I can understand better. In the beginning of each class she is revising the previous class teachings.

Varalakshmi is in 11th std.   (Feb 2013)

 I have just started to attend the English classes through phone. It is fun and interesting to talk in phone. I will use this chance fully and never going to miss any classes.

Tamil Selvi is in 11th std. (Feb 2013)

 English is the subject frightful for me. But, this class is attracting me. Balambika mam encourages us to speak in English and teaching us the basic grammatical skills to make sentences. Home work she gives is very useful. I like the class and begin to like English subject. Thanks mam.

Suresh Kannan is in 11th std. (Feb 2013)

Ms.Sivagnanam [principal of Andavar Middle school, Poraiyar]

''Poraiyar R.B - Andavar schools are conducting the spoken English session through Sakthi trust for past 2 years. My children are very happily undergoing this session. My locality students are fearless about this English now. They are very interested. Basic grammar, reading skills, good syntax, and text book comprehension have developed much. Parents are aware about this project and they thank us. Ms.Balambika [project tutor] is much dedicated. Grade 5 students like her very much. Grade 8th children have totally free from the fear of English. Once when I was sick, they did self-learning''

Ms.M.Raje [teacher of Andavar middle school]

''We thank Sakthi trust for giving this good opportunity to learn spoken English to this small rural locality. Our children are interested in undergoing this session. Children came from many family backups are sacred about this English and even hate the language. Now they love. Recently they have gained good confidence about spoken English. Their creative writing skills are good. We admire that. In these 60 years this is the revolution. They can use dictionary, make good constructive sentences and they are trying to talk among them self. Parents are happy! We expect the same to be given in following years. Many God bless you all good health and spirit to serve.''

 Mr.M.Senthilkumaravelu [teacher]

''The love and care given by Sakthi trust to this school is great. The spoken English session has made much positive evolution among our children. Children from very poor families are being benefitted. They are now free from fear of English. In past few 2 years they are able to trying their best to talk and write with natural love for language. They can spell correctly. They can read well and make simple good sentences. This is a great evolution for them. We thank you again for this. We thank and pray for your development! We wish to carry this project forever!''

Ms.Arulmozhi nangai [teacher]

''Spoken English has changed the fear among our students. They can use acceptable English now. They can do self-study and understand. They are also confident and different. This has improved their examination results also. Number of failures has reduced. They do their homework also well. Basic English grammar skills are good. Ms.Balambika is very kind and good in doing this session to us. We thank all!''

Mr.Venkatesan [correspondent]

''My school children are beginning this session from grade 5. After grade 8th children leave to other public schools. In this year 10 such students and their parents have approached us for the English training. This makes me very happy! They are from fishermen slums near sea. I am happy! My students are now able to able to read. The teacher is very perfect in planning the session and she first concentrates in reading. This makes all children to gain confidence. I admire the self-confidence gained by the students through this session. This is free to them they cannot offer to fees outside. The teacher is very good.''


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