Sakthi News

Gut News 2020

Feb 2020

Clostridioides difficile infection flourishes with a high-protein, high-fat diet

More than just a carnival trick: Researchers can guess your age based on your microbesDietary Interventions to Slow Autoimmune

New Approach to Unraveling Clostridium Difficile

Understanding Gut Microbiota, One Cell at a Time

Cancer News 2020

Feb 2020


Hybrid microscope could bring digital biopsy to the clinic

Scientists find ally in fight against brain tumors: Ebola

Absent p53, oral cancers recruit and reprogram nerves to fuel tumor growth

Thyroid cancer, genetic variations, cell phones linked in new study 

Researchers look to fungus to shed light on cancer
Shape-shifting stem cells are key to cancer metastasis and immune evasion

Interventions to Slow Autoimmune

New commuter concern: Cancerous chemical in car seats


Parenting News 2020

Feb 2020

Babies mimic songs, study finds

Love Matters: How Parents' Love Shapes Children's Lives

Education News 2020

Feb 2020




Linguistics: The Pronunciation Paradox
Sensory Perception Is Not Superficial Brain Work


Pregnancy News 2020

Feb 2020

Component of human breast milk enhances cognitive development in babies

Vitamin D Deficiency During Pregnancy Connected to Elevated Risk of ADHD