Pregnancy News 2020


Dec 2020

Singing to Preterm Infants During Kangaroo Care Reduces Maternal Anxiety

Nov 2020

Mothers' Stress May Lead to Preterm Births, Faster Aging in Children


Early Birth Linked to Greater Risk of Hospital Visits During Childhood


In Mice, Cadmium Exposure During Pregnancy Linked to Obesity in Female Offspring

Children Born Extremely Preterm Are More Likely to Be Diagnosed With Depression

Exposure to High Temperatures Linked to Poor Pregnancy Outcomes


Prenatal Thyroid Hormones Influence 'Biological Age' at Birth

Common Flame Retardants Cause Mice to Give Birth to Offspring That Become Diabetic, Study Finds

Vitamin D Levels During Pregnancy Linked With Child IQ 

Diet and Lifestyle During Pregnancy Linked to Modifications in Infants' DNA

August 2020

Study Explores the Association of Malaria, HIV With Anemia During Pregnancy


July 2020


Study Finds Exercise Increases Benefits of Breast Milk for Babies

Higher Manganese Levels in Early Pregnancy Linked to Lower Preeclampsia Risk

June 2020

April 2020 

Mar 2020

Alcohol Consumption by Fathers Before Conception Could Negatively Impact Child Development

Parental diet affects sperm and health of future offspring

The harmful effects of stress during pregnancy can last a lifetime

Fruit During Pregnancy and Cognition in Babies

Household chemical use linked to child language delays

Length of pregnancy alters the child's DNA

Egg stem cells do not exist, new study shows

Feb 2020

Antidepressant harms baby neurons in lab-grown 'mini-brains'

Component of human breast milk enhances cognitive development in babies

Vitamin D Deficiency During Pregnancy Connected to Elevated Risk of ADHD


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