Environment News 2021


June 2021

Several Persistent Chemicals Found in Fetal Organs


May 2021

Global Warming Already Responsible for One in Three Heat-Related Deaths


Declining Biodiversity in Wild Amazon Fisheries Threatens Human Diet


How One of the Oldest Natural Insecticides Keeps Mosquitoes Away


Animal Production Responsible for Vast Majority of Air Quality-Related Health Impacts from U.S. Food


April 2021

Study Finds Green Spaces Linked to Lower Racial Disparity in COVID Infection Rates, Study Finds


 Wildfire Smoke Linked to Skin Disease

 Mar 2021

Estimating Lifetime Microplastic Exposure 

Air Pollution: The Silent Killer Called PM 2.5

Face Masks and the Environment: Preventing the Next Plastic Problem

Deforestation's Effects on Malaria Rates Vary by Time and 

Fine Particulate Matter from Wildfire Smoke More Harmful Than Pollution from Other Sources

Feb 2021

Fish Diet Heats Up Marine Biodiversity Hotspot

Biodiversity Important at Regional Scales 

Poorer Mental Health Smolders After Deadly, Devastating Wildfire


Jan 2021

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