Cancer News 2021


December 2021

One in Five Future Thyroid Cancers Linked to Excess Weight


Novemebr 2021

September 2021

How High-Fat Diets Allow Cancer Cells to Go Unnoticed

Global Cancer Risk from Burning Organic Matter Comes from Unregulated Chemicals


Chemotherapy Drug Puts Young Children With Cancer at High Risk of Hearing Loss

Antibiotics Linked to Increased Risk of Colon Cancer

August 2021

Cancer Treatment With Built-in Light


Frequent Consumption of Peanuts by Cancer Patients May Increase Risk of Cancer Spread, Study Finds 

July 2021


Potential Role of 'Junk DNA' Sequence in Aging, Cancer

  June 2021

Common Plant Fiber Gel Doubled Rate of Tumor Eradication

'Bad Fat' Suppresses Killer T Cells from Attacking Cancer 

May 2021

When Cancer Cells 'put All Their Eggs in One Basket'

Obesity Slows Progress Against Cancer Deaths, Study Suggests


Sugar-Sweetened Drinks Linked to Increased Risk of Colorectal Cancer in Women Under 50, Study Finds

April 2021

Men's Loneliness Linked to an Increased Risk of Cancer

Higher Mushroom Consumption Is Associated With a Lower Risk of Cancer

'Undruggable' Cancer Protein Becomes Druggable, Thanks to Shrub

Mar 2021

Insights on How Night Shift Work Increases Cancer Risk

Feb 2021

Green Tea Compound Aids P53, 'guardian of the Genome' And Tumor Suppressor 

Jan 2021



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