Behavioral News 2022


May 2022

Mental Illness Plays Havoc With the Mind as Well as the Heart


Loneliness Leads to Higher Risk of Future Unemployment

Women's Earnings Drop After Childbirth, Study Finds


Mar 2022

Married Mothers Who Earn More Than Their Husbands Take on an Even Greater Share of the Housework, Research Finds

Rising Parental Expectations Linked to Perfectionism in College Students

Sharing Memories Sets Children on Path to Better Well-Being


Optimism May Promote Emotional Well-Being by Limiting How Often One Experiences Stressful Situations

Agreeableness a Helpful Trait for General Success in Life, Study Finds


Feb 2022

When Money Is Tight, 'Purchase Happiness' Is Low

Jan 2022

Context-Dependent Behavior Can Make Cooperation Flourish


Undiagnosed Autistic Traits Common Among Youths With Substance Use Disorders, Study Finds



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