Environment News 2022


May 2022

Fungi-Based Meat Alternatives to Help Save Earth's Forests

April 2022

Climate Change Could Spark the Next Pandemic, New Study Finds


Living in Areas With More Greenery May Boost Cognitive Function, Study Finds


Nylon Cooking Bags, Plastic-Lined Cups Can Release Nanoparticles Into Liquids


Uranium Detectable in Two-Thirds of US Community Water System Monitoring Records


Mar 2022

Road Traffic in European Cities Exposes 60 Million People to Noise Levels Harmful to Health

Longer, More Intense Allergy Seasons Could Result from Climate Change


Common Houseplants Can Improve Air Quality Indoors

Feb 2022


Jan 2022

 Reusable Plastic Bottles Release Hundreds of Chemicals


Rural Air Pollution May Be as Hazardous as Urban, Study Finds


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