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Vinodha [17 years old] - photo prohibited, not permitted.
She is fatherless. She is the only daughter of a poor mother [going for daily wages] from Poraiyar slum in Nagapattinam district of Tamilnadu. She is a mentally challenged student. Her IQ level is 3 years back wards. She studied in Poraiyar R.B primary school. After 12 years she was not sent to other school because of insecurity. She likes to be in the same environment with her primary level teachers. The school has also accepted her and allowed her to come to school.
When we started our Uni5 Montesorri Sakthi Foundation Children project, she observed the various activities of our Montessori environment within the school and got attracted to them. She slowly picked up few Montessori tools and started working with them. She also loves younger children and started presenting the tools to them. She observes younger children working and also care them.
Today Vinodha knows how to handle Montessori tools and work with children. She is also safe in the school. Sakthi foundation has started paying her with Rs.500 as fixed deposit in post office. We are very happy that Dr.Montessori's educational system has provided a good and safe place with meaningful life to Vinodha..We have made her to understand that she will an assistant in this Montessori environment.
We welcome people with compassion and appreciation of her work to support her financially for her future by helping us pay more than Rs 500 a month ($ 8).


Porayar Thillaiaadi Valliammai  InfancyUni5Environment 

Porayar is a samil village in Tamil nadu, South India. A School started in the name of a great freedom Fighter Ms. Thillaiaadi Valliammai in 1950 by  Mr. Muthuraman and Mr.Venkatesh family.

porayar school    It is very sad to see that even after 60 years after its inception, the school is in neglected, under developed condition. The two brothers family has tried their best to give the best.

The children study in a very dilapidated school building. The class rooms have no inspirationalmaterials and even basic learning tools.  The school has from kindergarden to 8th  grade. The children after that stop education and go for child labor.    



porayar boardThere are several school children drop out due to alcoholic parents and also due to forced child labor. Infants of age group betwen 1 to 4 are unattented by working mothers.  There are no proper classrooms andso all children from age 3 to 11 occupy the same class room. The younger children distract the older ones and teachers find it very difficult to teach in class. It is a pity to see that the creative talents of the children are wasted without proper infra-structure. 



    We decide toporayar black boardgive Uni5 education for the smaller children so that with they will engage themselves with educative materials, leaving theolder children to learn.  Weare naming this infancy environment as Ms. Thillaiaadi ValliammaiUni5 Environment. It is a great honor to have her name because she was the one in South Africa who joined in freedom fight and tore a piece of her Sari containing three colors (Saffron White and Green) to be used a flag representing India. 


       We will impart the same quality of education we give at Sakthi Schools , in Sendurai village. We would need to payporayar classfor two teachers and also to set up the environment and run it every month. We would also inspire children to continue further education by supporting them tuition fees to attend higher secdonary education in the other towns. 

    We were touched with the demand of the children when asked they wanted us to do for them. They replied drinking water and a toilet. The children showed us the poorly maintianed toilet and wished we would construct a good one. 


We intend to start he infancycenter by october 6th 2011. Weporayar-ins-schoolare sure that this will be beneficial for the children giving cultural values and academic knowledge.




We request you to support this project with your generous donations.

We need funds for immediately for 

1. Giving Drinking water facility.

2. Building Two Toilets (Boys and girls) 

porayar bath

3. Purchase Uni5 Materials 

4. Pay Salary for Two Teachers 

5. Expenses for crafts for children


 For every month recurrent donation, please click here

We emphasize that this Paypal option is used 
exclusively for Education of Porayar children.

porayar childrenYou may donate to PTVIE work  through the Sakthi Foundation in three ways:

By sending a check in the name of Sakthi Foundation, with "For PTVIE -  in the memo line.  Mail the checks to The Sakthi Foundation, 14292 Harmony Meadow ct, Chesterfield MO 63017, USA.    Please include your e-mail while sending checks because it helps us to contact you quickly for questions.
  1. For wiring funds to the Sakthi Foundation; contact us via email 

  2. By transferring funds into Sakthi's PayPal account.  Clicking one of the buttons below will automatically earmark the donation for PTVIE.

In all cases, you will receive a tax-exemption notification for your donation, from Sakthi Foundation.

Sakthi Foundation is not a religious organization, but a spiritual organization Spiritual means “Inner transformation embracing all beings as the expression of one's own Self". 

Deductibility - Contributions are Tax deductible by IRS

Tax I.D. Number-421512070

Address8/a, Massthan Palli St, Porayar, Tamil Nadu 609307, India



Uni5 Porayar Directoral Board


 Dr.M.Madeswaran.Ph.D. Principal of Sakthi Uni5 Schools, India.  Madeswaran is a certified Montessori teacher and integrated that with the infancy Uni5 system and started the Uni5 Sakthi school in Sendurai village in 2007, 2011, porayar school project and 2012 coimbatore school. He is an expert in infant education and development. Under his direction, teachers are creating many new pattern based educational tools for infants at the Uni5 sakthi schools.Read more about him.

 pradheep-passport-2011Dr.Pradheep Chhalliyil.Ph.D. Uni5 Education Director Molecular Biologist with a background in Biochemistry, received his Doctoral degree in Cancer Biology from India, for identifying a novel anti-cancer compound from a plant. He is author of two book ("Diet and Cancer") & "Journey To the Source, Decoding Matrix Trilogy" A Biotechnology Research Scientist in  USA has developing the Uni5 pattern based method of learning for the higher grade children. Click for Pradheep's Resume - Profile and his public  talks.

marieMs. Marie Viglas. Director of Funds is a long time teacher of meditation. She graduated from Maharishi University of Management with a Master's degree in Vedic Science in 2006. She is also certified in Sanskrit language and holds certificates of course completion in AyurVeda and Vedic Astrology. Before joining Sakthi Foundation, Ms. Viglas served for 30 years as a fundraiser and administrator for an international non-profit meditation group. She works to use The Dolores Viglas Children’s Fund   to help the Poryar School. 

 venkatesna 2Mr. A. Venkatesan. Principal, Andavar Poryar School. 

Porayar Visitors and Events


german porayar 2015

German Students visit 2015








Marier Viglas Visited to school in Sept 2014 to study the requirements of the school to improve the quality of education

marie 2014 1

marie 2014 2marie 2014 3







Dental Awareness Camp 2014

A dental awareness for Porayar andavar school children was given by Pranav Chhalliyil on the importance of Bed time brushing decreaseing oral bacterial counts and improving oral hygeine to prevent many diseases. dental 2014





Several students in this school voluntered to be the part of his school project to know the effective way of opral hygeine.

pranav 2014 1

High School  in Thiallayadi Valliammai School 

We have implemented Uni5 Educational System (UES)  method in Thiallayadi Valliammai School as early Childhood program in Porayar Village near Nagapattinam district, Tamail Nadu, India.

We like to implement the Uni5 method to efficient learn their school lessons by 2016.

Boys 8th gradeThe Uni5 School system implemented in the infancy level sicne Oct 2012 has helped the children.  It also has helped parents to be aware of their child’s growth and development or their inner-change. The educational techniques direct the child’s energy in more constructive work. The love and caring environment gives no stress to the child to learn from the concrete level to abstraction. The Uni5 educational system becomes unique in integrating the knowledge gained in school to their own Self, the society, and the Universe.

Uni5 education embraces all levels of our reality, that is our body, mind and intelligence with the society and universe to create an individual who is responsible to the own Self and society. Such an individual who discovers inner happiness can give happiness to others. Self-integrity summarizes this concept. Self-integrity is a quality, which refers to an individual’s Self connection to everything and holds everyone together. This is the deeper meaning of Dharma “that which supports and holds together”. Adhering to Dharma allows an individual to fulfill the goal of his life and a society to evolve.


exercise 2014

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