Glycigreen and Oncocene



Oncogreen:  A relief for  Cancer management and prevention.  

Glycigreen INC is glad to bring out  Oncocgreen- which is the most efficient proprietary blend of dietary supplements from the Ayurvedic wisdom to prevent cancer.    

The 8 ingredients in Oncogreen prevents or delays uncontrolled pathological proliferation of cells in cancer. If untreated, cancer can have a devastating effect on your body. We believe Oncocene will  help you to maintain good health.  

The components of Oncogreen  have many effects at the cellular level, the important one is the anti-inflammatory action. This is important to prevent or delay the onset of cancer and many other diseases due to stress and pollutants in food and the environment. Some of the herbal ingredients are known to stimulate Apoptosis and natural cell death of unwanted cancer cells.  

Mode of action of Oncogreen:  Several research studies show that inflammation is the chief culprit in diseases like cancer. Inflammation primarily occurs in the body due to immune reactions and also due to toxic chemicals through food, water and air that enters the body. Also the stress generates oxidation reactions in the body. The eight herbs like turmeric, basil, ginger, guggul  in Oncocene has several  different phyto-chemical molecules with  its own characteristic different mode of action.  The proprietary unique blend of eight herbal constituents in Oncogreen  gives a very powerful  chemo preventive action on cancer tackling all different sources of inflammatory reactions in the body. This is why Oncocgreen is a safe highly efficient supplement to be taken every day to keep cancer away.  

 Glycigreen is a dietary supplement company located in Fairfield, Iowa. We provide safe and effective dietary supplements at an affordable price across the Globe.     

This product must be taken for six months along with any treatment the cancer patient is undergoing. As a disease prevention supplement it should be taken for few years. This should be accompanied along with constant monitoring of the disease status.   

Note: Oncogreen  is not a FDA approved drug to be used instead of cancer medicine prescribed by your doctor. This is a  food supplement which may help to prevent cancer in a healthy way. 


Glycigreen is available in most medical stores in India. For USA and Canada you can order here online. We will come with more details regarding the sales as soon as possible (By July 14th 2014)

India contact

ABN Drugs, Door No: 28 A/1,
Ground Floor, 46th Street,
Ashok Nagar, Chennai - 600 083.
Ph: 044 24741113

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Note: Glycigreen is not a FDA approved drug to be used instead of diabetes medicine prescribed by your doctor. Glycigreen is a  food supplement which may help to manage sugar levels in a healthy way.  You are using this supplement under your discretion.

Glycigreen is a modified product of Uni5 Sakthifoundation's diacene,  which is now manufactured and marketted by ABN-Drugs.  A number of patients frankly admitted that they cannot commit to the pancha bhoota glycigreen pack smallhealing system. They prefer to have capsules filled with trustworthy good quality herbs as supplements.  This lead us to produce  herbal supplement, which unlike other supplements are not processed and not concentrated to toxically high doses that are harmful for the body.

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FDA Disclaimer

As we sell herbs and essential oils, not pharmaceutical drugs, the FDA requires that we clearly state the following FDA Disclaimer about the items we sell:

This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  All the products supplied by us are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. It is a suggested food supplement.



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