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The Process of Evolution       

     In the previous pages we have discussed the stages of evolution. We see the mind and intellect  growing along with the gross physical body (not always proportional) and reaches the peak of evolution to the stage of Man. In this stage free will is exercised to complete the journey. The man has a choice to now reduce his subtle and causal body expression and realize his true Self to be Unconditioned Consciousness or Atman or Soul. With this realization he completes his journey, which he started with the question Who Am I?

        Alike the school experience, almost no one does right in the very first stage into the human body. There is always trial and error in the learning. So we take many births and re-birth just to learn it right. But unfortunately instead of learning it better we make more mistakes and get detained in the same state, unless a great calamity happens in life to awaken from the slumber.

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Why Birth and Death?

          Birth and Death occurs at all stages of evolution to proceed to the next evolutionary stage. In the stage of Man also there is repeated life and birth and through each cycle of birth and death (Samsaara), he or she  evolves to the next level.

            Birth and death is a purification process of giving up the lower tendencies of the previous stage. Every experience of pain and suffering drives the tendency to shed the tendencies that was accumulated from the previous stage of evolution. We have already discussed that the causal body (green) has all the tendencies and impressions. These impressions are worked out by converting them into desires and uprooting that impression.

            This can be explained with the following analogy. Suppose if you want to destroy weeds in your home garden, it is difficult to find the seeds of the weeds in the soil and throw them away. Instead, you allow them to sprout and grow to a state where you can easily pluck and destroy it. But care should be taken that you do not allow the weed to grow fully and allow it to mature and bear fruits and drops more seeds into the soil. Then in the next seasonal "cycle" you end with lots of weeds. Similarly we have these big causal body with the impressions and tendencies (seeds) which we have to reduce to complete our journey of knowing the Self. Instead of using the desires to reduce our size of causal body which is full of seeds of impressions, we try to add up. This choice or free will,  we possess can decide when we can extinguish the causal body and realize the Self.


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Vedic Creation Cycle

The whole Universe is only a manifestation of Pure Consciousness. There is no concept of creation in Vedic tradition. This is how the Vedic tradition is different from all religions. Science talks about creation too, but what triggered creation and how the big-bang originated is the unanswered question for modern science.

    According to Vedic tradition, there is no "God" (a person) sitting in the skies and creating and controlling everyone and everything. There is no creation of this universe but only manifestation. If it is a creation, then there is a creator who is different from the raw material he or she uses and also different from the created end-product and also there is  purpose for it. Then endless questions appear like where did the raw material come from for the creator to create the universe etc.

    According to Vedic Science , there is only manifestation, which means that the creator, creating material and the end product of creation are all one and the same. That "oneness" non-duality is the core of Vedic tradition and not only do not contradict with any "Truth" seen in other religious/spiritual traditions but  also in tune with the discoveries of Modern science.

   Since the "One" is manifested in the universe as several with a unique phenomenon, there is that common fundamental aspect reflected in everything. Only by understanding this fact, one can understand the core theme of all branches of Vedic sciences. Whether it is a dance or a ritual or medical science of Vedic science, all reflect this one fundamental Truth in it. The "One" that Vedic tradition talks about is the Pure Consciousness.

How Consciousness manifest as the Universe?

   The ancient Vedic science clearly explains how the the whole Universe is the manifestation of from Pure Consciousness. This process of manifestation is observed at the macro-cosmic level and also at the individual micro-level.  The process of manifestation is also the underlying  fundamental common theme of all the Vedic sciences.

    The pure Consciousness is known as Purusha (Spirit) or Male energy (symbolized as upright triangle). The male energy or  Purusha does not undergo any change but has an ability to project as though  it undergoes changes. This ability is called "Sakthi"  (Energy-Matter) or the female energy (symbolized as downward Triangle). 

    It is only the female energy that manifest as the Universe. However the female energy manifested as universe (matter) has no independent existence without the Purusha (Spirit). This is why Adi-Sankara said Brahma Sathya Jagath Mithya. This means this Consciousness is real but the Universe is un-real.

The term "un-real"  has been wrongly misunderstood as illusion. The Universe is not an illusion.

The whole confusion goes away by understanding four words.

1. Sathya (Real). Consciousness is Sathya (Truth or Reality). This means it exists by itself. It does not need anything for its existence.

2. Mithya (unreal, asath)- Anything that is not self-existent but depends on something else. For example, if Gold is taken as real, then Gold ring and gold necklase is mithya or unreal. Unreal does not mean illusion. Gold ring is not an illusion, but mithya. This means the ring (form) necklase (form) depends on Gold for its existence. If there is no gold, there is no Gold ring or Gold-necklase. So they are mithya.

3. Thutcha (illusion). Horse horn is an illusion. It never exists. This is clear and does  not require further explanation.

4. Maya. Maya is the inability to distinguish between the real (sath) from Asath (unreal). Maya is wrongly translated as illusion. Maya is not illusion. It is the lack of awareness to understand the real from the unreal. (to read more about "Maya" click)

Therefore this Universe is not an illusion (thutcha) but Mithya (unreal). Only Pure Consciousness is real.

    With this understanding let us proceed further to understand the manifestation of this universe. There are five major principles bringing forth this manifestation. These underlying principles which bring forth Bhoota (Bhuta) (form) are five in number. They are known as Pancha Bhootas, the five principles.


 In the previous page,  we discussed that the whole Universe is only a manifestation of Pure Consciousness. This pure Consciousness manifest as the Universe with five basic principles called the Pancha Bhootas. These  five principles has nine aspects of expression in this Universe,  the Navagrahas.


This five principles (Pancha Bhootas) behind the manifestation of this universe has nine aspects of expression. This nine aspects of expression of the five Pancha Bhootas  are the Navagrahas. Navagrahas like the Pancha Bhootas are literally taken only as the outward gross planets of the Solar System. The subtle Truth of the Navagrahas is that , it is the nine-expression modes of the five principles causing the Manifestation of the Universe.

Since action is the core of life, let us take the nine-modes of expression in action.

1. The "Awareness" (and also Leadership)  in doing an action-  is represented by Surya (Sun).

2. Instinct or the "lead' (emotional factor) to do an action  - Chandra (Moon)

3. The Power (Energy) in action - Kuja (Mars).

4. The focus or attention (Intelligence) in doing action - Budh (Mercury)

5. The purpose or "objective or philosophy" (Goal) in doing an action - Guru (Jupiter)

6. The aesthetic beauty (artistic way of doing) in the performance of action - Shukra - Venus.

7. Initial Inertia (Judgemental) in action - Saturn Shani.

8. The distortion factor that deviates the result of an action - Rahu.

9. The factor that that pulls to the culmination (Spiritual) of the result -  Ketu.


These nine factors are seen in each and every action of this universe, whether it could be the rotation action of the celestial bodies  or the action at atomic level or the  action of the human beings.

Let us take an example of a football player hitting the ball to obtain the goal. The awareness in the play and the final outcome of the game is the "Sun" aspect. Infact the whole football game is based on that fact. It is the center point of the game. The instinct and the lead in doing the action is the Moon. The aspect of drawing full power to hit the ball is the Mars aspect. When the ball is with a player and the focusing aspect to hit the ball is the Budh aspect because that is where he uses his intellect. The aesthetic beauty in hitting the ball is the Venus aspect. The initial slow action which leads to the completion of the act is the Saturn aspect. Once he hits the ball, whether it will lead to the goal or not depends on the the distortion factor Rahu or the binding factor Ketu. 

So if we analyze each and every action we will see that these nine-modes of expression is manifested in every action of this universe. It should be clearly understood that these nine aspects may not expression equally. The varying proportions of each aspect of the Navagrahas leads to the diversity in this creation.

Like the seven colors, where all of the basically emerge from white color, but different variations in colors leads to different shades of colors. Similarly different ranges of expression (Navagrahas) leads to the diverse activities in this Universe.

There is one more aspect to the expression mode of the Navagrahas, the twelve fields  of expression, which are known as the twelve houses. Various degrees of the expression of these nine expression attributes (Navagrahas) can be mathematically calculation which is called as the Jyothism or Vedic Astrology.

Click here to continue reading about the Jyothism to understand the deep secrets about the manifestation of the Universe and the connection to individual human life.

       Creation in Puranas     

Why is Lotus shown in Creation?

          Lotus is a flower that blooms in presence of Sun and shrinks when Sun sets in the west. The same way, creation (Lotus) blooms in presence of Consciousness (Sun). If Consciousness can be symbolized as Sun, then Awareness is the Sunlight. All the forms including Human beings have Consciousness and Awareness. But when the body dies, it is the Awareness is what is lost.

          When the Consciousness that reflects as awareness is gone, it is a "life-less or in-animate" object. The loss of Awareness which is called death. Presence of Awareness is life.  The lotus blossoms everyday in presence of sunlight and shrinks in the absence of sunlight. This constant blossoming and shrinking of Lotus flower is the symbolism of birth and rebirth. 

   The whole creation starts from Vishnu and the lotus springs out from his navel and on that sits Brahma the Lord of Creation. Brahma has four heads, the three axes of directions and space. The Brahma is the mind the creator. Lotus is the body and a plant like Lotus is used because plants are the food producers for the other organisms, since they can only capture sunlight. Like the umbilical cord connecting the womb and mother's body so does Vishnu the Cosmic Intelligence connects to the mind of us.

    Without Consciousness there is no creation and so does without Vishnu there is no "jagat" or World. But this Vishnu holds a shiva-linga which means that the Consciousness expresses itself through Awareness the Shiva. This is why Vishnu holds the shiva-linga.

The blue cosmic ocean is the unlimited space and the Ananta, the snake is the eternal time. On this eternal time and space blooms this whole creation. It is fascinating  know the mystery of creation when we understand each of the symbolism in the vedic puranas. We will explain more in the forth coming sections.

This is the symbol of Sakthi Foundation. Aum is the Symbol of Consciousness (Sun) for the creation of knowledge.

       This is the meaning of chin-mudra. Little finger represents body, ring finger represents mind (that is why in wedding ring is worn in ring finger or mind finger because the event is the joining of two individuals are mind level) . The middle finger is the senses and the


fore finger is the ā€œIā€ or ego thought. The thumb is the consciousness finger or intellect finger without which the other fingers are useless. The forefinger is always found associated with the other three fingers and when it transcends them it merges with the thumb to form a circle which indicates that this consciousness has no beginning and end.

  Pancha Bhootas

    In the Previous page, we have discussed that this Universe is the manifestation of pure Consciousness.

The pure Consciousness is known as Purusha (Spirit) or Male energy (symbolized as upright triangle). The male energy or  Purusha does not undergo any change but has an ability to project as though  it undergoes changes. This ability is called "Sakthi"  (Energy-Matter) or the female energy (symbolized as downward Triangle). 

It is only the female energy that manifest as the Universe. However the female energy manifested as universe (matter) has no independent existence without the Purusha (Spirit or Consciousness).  So all the forms that we see in this Universe has both male-female aspect in it.

The subtlest Female energy functions as

1. Creative-energy,

2. Maintenance-energy and

3. Dissolution energy.

These three functions aspects of the subtle-Energy (Sakthi) materializes as the gross-matter (Universe) through five laws or principles.  They are known as Pancha Bhootas, the five underlying principles which bring forth material-forms (Bhoota or Bhuta).

1. The first principle that aids the  subtle-Energy (Sakthi) to expand or project as matter is called as the Space principle or (Aakasha element). The Energy at this stage exists as subtlest electromagnetic wave energy.  This is the manifestation/expansion phase in the manifestation of Universe.

2. The second principle is the condensation phenomenon, that aids the wave like energy  to condense to particle form. This is the Air principle(Vaayu element) .

3. The third principle is the interactive phenomenon, the Fire element (Agni), that which ignites or that brings about interactions among the particles.

4. The fourth principle is the transformation principle which means it flows or converts into different forms. Interactions among particles results in conversion to various elements. This is called the water element (Jalam) or the flowing aspect.

5. The fifth principle is the combinational aspect or  Earth principle (Prithvi) or gross element. The combination of the solid compounds formed resulting in the manifestation of many living and non-living forms.   

The One Consciousness is behind the manifestation of the Universe through the five principles (Pancha Bhootas). This five principles are seen in each and every atom to the entire universe and also the theme behind all Vedic Sciences, especially in Pancha Bhoota healing and  Ayurveda.      

In Vedic tradition everything is of two dimension, the subtle and gross (the inner and the outer). The five elements (Pancha Bhootas) at the subtle level are the five basic principles in the manifestation of the Universe. At the gross level they can be understood as the literal Space, Air, Fire, Water and Earth. However, over years only the gross aspect of the Five elements were only taken into account which has led to severe misinterpretation and errors. This is because the basic Vedic Truth or Principle is not understood.

When the very Fundamental Vedic Knowledge is misunderstood, literal meaning is conceived leading to ignorance. This misunderstanding has spread to all branches of Vedic Sciences leaving Vedic Science as mystic or even superstitious cult. Mission of Sakthifoundation is to bring out the the highest Truth of Vedic Tradition, which is common to both modern science and traditional spiritual disciplines. This new perspective bridges and unites the two opposing cultures of religion and science. Now let's move on to the next level of understanding the creation of the Universe.

Andathilullathe Pindam Pindathilullathe Andam
Andamum Pindamum Ontre Athai Arinthuthan Paarkkum Pothe

Click the link if you interested to know more about Pancha Bhoota healing of diseases. Otherwise please continue reading about the manifestation of Universe.

 Navagrahas (Nine planets):

This five principles (Pancha Bhootas) behind the manifestation of this universe has nine aspects of expression. This nine aspects of expression of the five Pancha Bhootas  are the Navagrahas. Navagrahas like the Pancha Bhootas are literally taken as the outward gross planets of the Solar System. This cause severely damaged the credibility of another branch of Vedic Science, Jyothism.

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