Quantum Deepavali


Namaste and Happy Deepavali to all of you. When I was young I was amazed at the different colors lights of Deepavali fireworks; and I was full of questions regarding this festival. Like, why should Deepavali be celebrated only on the new moon night of the rainy Karthika month and not in the cool spring? Like, how can this cosmic Mahalakshmi Sakthi be squished inside a copper vessel to be worshipped? Like, why waste ghee for lighting Deepavali lamps, instead of pouring that ghee into my rice and dal lunch?  And why the torture of fasting and mind cleansing rituals on such a festive day?

The adults in my family felt my irritating questions like hot, spicy, chili peppers poured over their delicious Deepavali sweets. I am a parent now, and my son challenges my brain by demanding that all rituals be scientifically proven. 

So I revealed to him a dark secret. Sunlight travels in empty space and goes unnoticed because there is nothing for the light to hit and get reflected on for us to see it. But light becomes ‘light’ from the moment it touches the air molecules in the sky, making it appear blue. Then it lights up all the objects on earth giving them colors. Similarly any Energy if goes un noticed is  of no use to anybody and the Energy goes in its own way. However with full Awareness, the Energy can be completely be absorbed and be used to fullfill any desires.

An even more interesting secret is that the force of attraction and repulsion between positively and negatively charged particles in all the atoms of our body is only the light-force particle photons dancing between them.  Isn’t it amazing to know that it is the dance of light particles that causes movements in our body organs? This is why in the tradition of Bharat, we are all called Atma-Jyoti-Sakthi.  From the eyes of quantum physics, I look on all of you as flickering Deepavali lights.

The modern scientists stumbled upon the Energy secret that Rishis discovered thousands of years ago. All forms of Energy exist as wave and  as solid-particle, which when observed, can crystalize into reality of life. Not an observing human's eye, but even an instrument detector can observe a photon or electron and crystalize it as a particle. It is like freezing the liquid wave into solid ice.  All the subtlest energy waves and particles are understood using huge technological equipment, like this Hadron Collider in Switzerland. Based on these experiments scientists develop  the technology userf-freidnly for  the common man.

Similarly Rishis of ancient Bharat also built huge Cosmic Energy harnessing centers called Temples through Tantric technology - involving Yantra and Mantra. Mantra is chanted for guiding the mind to transcend into full awareness state to observe the cosmic wave form of Energy and crystalize it for fullfilling the desires in human life. All this Energy capturing was done in the presence of light by using a geometrical devise called Yantra that is made of copper as seen in the picture. This energy was then available for everyone to absorb it.  However, the energy is continuously re-generated everyday through chanting and puja.

The Rishis simplified Tantric technology for lay people through festivals like Deepavali to harness this cosmic energy for prosperity in our lives. The copper Yantra in the Temple became the copper Kalasha kept on the geometrical yantra like rangoli drawn with white rice, yellow turmeric, red kumkum and green mango leaf powder. For the common man, fasting from food and negative thoughts were encouraged to transcend to a state of Self-awareness and selflessness in order to efficiently capture the Lakshmi Energy.

The great Adi Sankaracharya, who chanted Kanakadhara on Lakshmi on a Deepavali day, once selectively captured the Cosmic Light Energy for increasing Knowledge, by observing it in a spot where he found a Shivalinga with a golden line. For us, this science of Energy is explained as Goddesses Devi walking behind Sankaracharya and then becoming a statue when he turned back to observe her.

These gifted children of Fairfield are going to now reveal that the highest message of Deepavali is to cleanse our mind from Ego and tap the Cosmic Energy and to constructively use it for a happy life.

Please do not take this Deepavali festival or this skit, lightly

Now, enjoy...



Shristi: (Performing Pooja) Om Maha Lakshmiyai Aavaahayami.., Sthapayami, Poojayami…Om Maha Lakshmiyai Namaha

Drishika: Shristi, are you not attending the special quantum physics class by the renounced physicist?

Shristi: Happy Deepavali, Drishika. I am doing the Lakshmi invocation pooja.

Drishika: Come on, Shristi, you are not living in the prehistoric ages! Why do you waste time in these superstitions?

Shristi: For that matter, if we live our life without understanding the very purpose of it, it becomes an illusory, superstitious life.

Drishika: What justification do you have for invoking Lakshmi in a small pot of water with coconut on it?

Shristi: I have a surprise for you. I have invited the scientist here to see the Lakshmi pooja before class. I think she is here now.

Scientist: Happy Deepavali to both of you.

Shristi: Happy Deepavali, Mr. Scientist.

Scientist: I was listening to your conversation, Drishika. I understand the significance of your Vedic rituals because I see a connection to all branches of Science, especially quantum physics.

Drishika: After listening to your lecture on quantum physics and light, all these rituals, including Deepavali celebrations, seem meaningless to me.

Scientist: I hope you remember that all the atoms in your body and in the universe are all held together by electromagnetic force carriers like photons, the fundamental unit of light.

Drishika: Yes I remember that Light can behave both as a particle to absorb energy and also like a wave.

Scientist: Exactly. When the Energy field is observed it crystalizes like a particle. This is known through the famous double slit experiment in physics.

Drishika: Does this mean that when we intentionally invoke Lakshmi as Light on Deepavali, we can experience that as wellbeing in our life?

Scientist: You are right. To help you understand better, you should know about an incident in the life of the great Adi Shankaracharya.

Shristi: On a Deepavali day, Adi Shankaracharya was returning from the Chamundi temple in Mysore to the Kudajathri Mountain in Karnataka. There he meditated in the Chitramoola cave. Goddess Devi appeared in front of him in the form of Divine Light.

Adi Shankaracharya: O Mother Divine! Accompanied by you, Shiva becomes capable of creating the universe. Without you, he is not capable of even moving himself. Therefore, all Gods worship you. Such being your supremacy, how one can I salute you, or sing in praise of you? Unless I have meritorious deeds of past births.     

Shivah shakthya yukto yadi bhavati shaktah prabhavitum
Na chedevam devo na khalu kusalah spanditumapi;
Atas tvam aradhyam Hari-Hara-Virinchadibhir api
Pranantum stotum vaa katham akrta-punyah prabhavati

Devi: Shankara, what do you want from me?

Adi Shankaracharya: Devi, you are Lakshmi, and also Saraswathi and Devi Parvathi. Please come as Saraswathi to kerala as requested by the King Cheraman Perumal who always thinks about the welfare of his people. 

Devi: I will, but on one condition. You walk in the front and I will follow you, but you should never look back to check on me.

Adi Shankaracharya: Devi, I will start this divine journey right away.

Namasthe Jagadatri Sadbrahma Rupe,
Namasthe Haropendra Datryadivandye
Namasthe Mahalakshmi Kolapuresi

(Adi Shankara could hear the sound of the anklets bells of Devi as she walked behind him. She playfully stopped the sound when they reached Kollur).

Adi Shankaracharya: This is the Kollur’s Marana Katte, the place where Devi killed the demon Mookasura. Her trident is still there, unrusted by wind and rains. Why did she stop following me? Let me see if she is still there.

Devi: Shankara, you turned around to check on me! Now I will not follow you anymore. I will stay here at this spot.

Adi Shankaracharya: Please forgive me Devi. I know because of the Shiva linga with the golden line, you prefer to be here.

Devi: I would present myself at Chottanikkara temple early in the mornings only as Saraswathi and rest of time as lakshmi and Durga. When the temple doors are opened here, I will be present here as Saraswathi.

(Devi walks to a new place)

Adi Shankaracharya: We will worship you in all three forms as Devi Saraswathi in the morning, as Devi Lakshmi at noon and Devi Durga in the evening.  However, you will remove ignorance, when anyone writes alphabets rice mixed with turmeric in front of you.

Lakshmi:  I will bless everyone who worships in the form of light.

Adi Shankaracharya: Fireworks generate three forms of energy, like the three aspects of devi, saraswathi as sound, Lakshmi as light and Durga as heat.

Scientist: Light is a perceptible form of God because we cannot see that very same light, which we use to see everything else. We do not see light directly, we see its reflection when it interacts with materials.


Adi Shankaracharya: In the same way, we cannot see God, because it is God’s Energy we use to see and perform all actions.

Drishika: So that is why we use Kalasha to invoke Lakshmi's Energy.

Shristi: Yes, with the electromagnetic form of light waves, Lakshmi Aavahan on Deepavali evening is done in a Kalasha. A kalasha is a small copper pot filled with water and herbs along with a coconut on top of it.

Scientist: However, it is the Power of intention or sankalpa, which is the potential energy that changes the kinetics of life.

Drishika: Wait a minute….this is too much boring science on a nice Deepavali day.

Shristi: But if you want the blessings of Lakshmi, like Adi Shankaracharya, you should invoke Saraswathi, or knowledge, to understand why you are doing these rituals.

Scientist:Like the light spectrum of colors we should love all the people with their different wavelengths of maturity.

Drishika: People are of all different maturity levels, based on the amount of Energy they possess and also how they use it for the level of thinking and doing actions.

Adi Shankaracharya: Antakarana Suddhi or being Selfless can happen only when everyone cleanses their minds from jealousy, pride and meanness. Then anger, hatred, greed and lust go away naturally.

Shristi: So, before keeping the Khalasa, cleaning the house and lighting many lamps is a symbol of removing our inner darkness. Then life will be celebrated everyday as deepavali.

Lakshmi: I bless you all. Mangalam to all of you, especially the Fairfield people.


Lakshmi-     Arushi Gupta

Drishika-      Drishika Thimmaiah

Shristi-         Shristi Sharma

Scientist -    Paloma Braun

Devi-            Vaishnavi MohanRaj

Adi Shankaracharya-        Pranav Chhaliyil








And once an electron receives enough energy to eject it beyond the reach of light in a single space frame it
becomes a free electron. It moves independently of the proton through space, from space frame to space
frame, since light can only travel so far in a primary interval of time. But the electron is still linked up with a
proton partner via each timeless quantum frame where they share the same photonic energy. This linking up
must span space frames and in doing so there is an electromagnetic field of force introduced. It is this spanning
of space frames that gives rise to classical electromagnetic field phenomena.

Within each space frame there is only the activity of light energy moving through space, just as in a movie
where each frame is projected by light as a still frame and the physical action is a series of quantum jumps in
position between frames. So the speed of light has a universal relationship to the space frame of each
individual atom, making it universally constant with respect to all bodies everywhere, irrespective of their
relative velocity with respect to one another. Normally, relative motions are slight, so no noticeable
discrepancies occur in the space-time projection of the movie.




In a hydrogen atom an electron and a proton are bound together by photons (the quanta of the electromagnetic field). Every photon will spend some time as a virtual electron plus its antiparticle, the virtual positron, since this is allowed by quantum mechanics as described above. The hydrogen atom has two energy levels that coincidentally seem to have the same energy. But when the atom is in one of those levels it interacts differently with the virtual electron and positron than when it is in the other, so their energies are shifted a tiny bit because of those interactions. That shift was measured by Willis Lamb and the Lamb shift was born, for which a Nobel Prize was eventually awarded.



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