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Objective: The objective of this section is to understand how to get life desires fulfilled. We live to fulfill our desires and be happy. But always this does not happen.

Guruji (Shri.Jayachandraraj), hence recommends to light a lamp and then  chant Mantras (positive statements expressing desires). These new positive information fed in our IIF will have a dramatic influence on our thought process influencing our health and choice making behavior in life , finally changing the course of it.

Doing meditation in front of oil lamp enhances the quality of meditation.

Light is the the revealing principle. Even material objects are seen by the eyes that are reflected by objects. We are unable to see in dark, because eyes do not get the reflected light from objects. So light is that reveals objects. However even in the absence of external light, in our mind things are revealed through the light of Awareness. This "Inner" light (Awareness)  is symbolically represented by the "light" in Vedic traditions and in all other religious traditions.

Bringing Awareness as the first activity of the day helps to keep the inner awareness throughout the day.  Hence it is good to light the lamp after a shower. In Vedic tradition oil lamp is lit with cotton wicks in  particular direction.

In the morning wicks facing, West, North-East,  South-East, North-west and South-West are lighted.

In the evening two wicks, one facing East and another West is used.

Please click here for the Video demonstrations on  lighting lamp.

Click here for printable instructions on  lighting lamp.

Click here to listen or read  Chanting Mantras. (freely downloadable)


How to start the five wicks:  Start lighting the lamp form the wick in North-East direction, then East, then south East , then South west, then west and finally North-west.  Use this sequence. also to lay the wicks in lamp and also to put off the fire, in all the same sequience of direction. 

Why in particular direction:

Lighting lamp with wicks in particular direction is like turning electronic devises like cell phone, television to a direction to get better range of transmission signal. Here we are turning towards the source of Cosmic Energy to accomplish 100% desired results in life. Our "Ego-Mind (Selfishness)", blocks our connection to the Cosmic Energy.   Everyone can access to this Cosmic Source only if we have  "Selfless" attitude.

Who or what Governs the results of actions in life?.  Everything in this Universe is Sakthi or Energy. Hope you have read the previous sections about the relationship between Consciousness and Energy. The Energy when manifest as forms in this universe, self creates it own rules, which are five in number called as Pancha Bhootas. These Cosmic laws are expressed in nine attributes called  (Navagrahas)  or the Nine planets. In Layman language these Cosmic laws are symbolized as Gods in spiritual Traditions.

The five wicks that are lighted in five directions are directed to the five Cosmic Energy Laws, the Pancha Bhootas.  Lighting the lamp everyday brings Cosmic energy into our life "Energy". All the five Pancha Bhootas that govern the whole Cosmos also govern not only each and every human being but also each and every atom in the Universe.

Lighting lamp enlivens all the areas of the nine expressions of  the Cosmic Energy that governs the fate and destiny of our life. When water flows over a dry area, water is absorbed quickly and  fills shallow areas first and then deep pits. In the same way, after lighting the lamp , one experiences Awareness in aspects that require immediate changes and then slowly in radical changes.

Light and Sound:   Scientific studies shows that Sound influence  energy transfer in light. So Mantra chanting (Sound) in presence of light has a significant influence on influencing the information field around us. .

 The Mantras chanted are the technological 'subtle energy' vibrations that  bring out the desired results quickly with high efficiency. When Mantras are chanted before a lighted lamp with the five wicks, they make sure that the vibrations reach the Cosmic Source with 100% efficiency. It is very interesting that there are Mantras for all type of desires and are used in a highly technological manner, called Tantra.

What is the difference between Mantra, Tantra and Prayer?

Mantras are also words Tantric rituals, all the five forms of Pancha Bhootas in the form of Sound (space), Touch (Air), Sight (Fire), Taste (Water), Smell (Earth), are used to ensure that the subtlest vibrations can re-program the effects and create more Awareness as well. This is why prayers with rituals (Pooja / Puja) tend to bring enhanced results. 

 However more than merely being ritualistic, if it done with full Awareness it brings the desired result quickly and with 100% efficiency.

Instructions for lighting Lamp: Everyday clean the lamp and the plate  with soap and water. Dry with a cloth and then use Sesame oil to the lamp for minimum of 10 to 15 minutes  to a maximum of couple of hours.  Never allow the lamp to drain away of oil and the wicks get charred without oil. So if you are allowing to burn for a longer period then keep adding oil for the duration you need. (Click here for Video demonstration of lighting of lamp).

Start lighting the lamp from the Southeast direction and similarly put off the lamp before oil gets exhausted by gently touching the wicks using a flower.

Use every time fresh cotton wicks. But you can save unused sesame oil in a container and next day add few drops of new oil and pour the old oil in the lamp.

Keep the lamp insulated from Earth, best is to keep on a wooden Table. If keeping on the floor use a washable rexin like material to insulate, then that also has to be washed with water everyday.

Doing an auspicious act with a clean body gives best results. Therefore take a shower before lighting the lamp.

If you eat meat , then brush teeth, drink little water and take a shower before lighting lamp

Women during periods should not light lamp instead some one else in the family could light the lamp.

Sun’s energy is trapped by plants which store that in form of oil in seeds. That sun’s energy is released by burning oil in a lamp. The released energy of the sun should be insulated from going to the earth. So an insulating washable spread is kept underneath the lamp. Light from Lamp depicts the “Sun” in our home which brightens our intellect like light in the dark. It dissipates ignorance, fear, depression, and all other negative energy and brings light of positive energy.

All the planets (Navagrahas) revolve around the Sun. Therefore bringing the Sun’s energy in the form of Oil-lamp light in home, symbolically will bring all the positive vibrations of planets in our home and bring peace and happiness , good health and fortune to us.

Fundamental of light:  Scientifically, we are fundamentally made up of only Energy which appear as particles like electrons (leptons), quarks and Bosons.there are technologies to increase inner-strength to face challenges in life and also means to exercise right choices in life. Among this the most powerful one is the lighting of the lamp - the Photon technology and chanting mantras - the Sound technology. 

Quantum physics proves that at nano level all energy vibrations operate as possibilities level. Ancient seers have understood this secret  knowledge of  Energy (Sakthi) and developed various technologies for the benefit not only for Indians but for all the beings in the Universe.

The basic light ritual using oil lamp.  Modern Physics says that fundamental of everything thing in this universe including our body is only "light". Light is  nothing but an Electro-Magnetic field called as "photons." For this reason, a photon carries information about the physical world because it interacts with what it hits. Photon  is electromagnetic in nature and has no mass. It cannot decay on its own, although the energy of the photon can transfer (or be created) upon interaction with other particles at long distances.

Einstein made a revolution with his famous E=MC2which means that Energy can be converted into matter and vice versa, while the only thing that is constant is the speed of light. When you burn a camphor, the mass of camphor is converted to heat and also light.

Light the highest technology to bring changes at the material world and in our Awareness:

What this indirectly means is that, everything in this Universe is converted to Energy and matter and one that is not changing is the Light. Light is the fastest moving phenomenon as far as we know. Our senses act at the lightening speed (Vajra of Indra).  So we can could change our thoughts and influence the body and life through use of light. 

The intelligence field can be corrected by doing rituals.



Camphor Burning 

For removing negative energy one can also do these simple rituals. Negativity comes due to our doership attitude.That drains energy. Everytime we have a desire and takes steps to fulfill it we get entangled in having the Ego attitude. More more information click camphor
This process is usually undertaken to remove obstacles by our own Ego (negative ) thoughts. In this simple process, one lights fire in a small vessel, take camphor in right hand and rotate the hand (circumbulate) in clock wise direction over the face and head region three times. Feel all the negative vibrations, thoughts, energy absorbed by camphor. Put the camphor in the burning fire.

    Wait until the fire gets off. This must be done in a fire safe location like near the fire place, kitchen stove or any such location that is safe to handle fire and also away from children for safety reasons.

    Camphor is easily available in ethnic Asian stores. A very small amount of camphor that can burn up to a minute is good enough for this purpose. Camphor is available in multiple shapes and forms. Most commonly seen forms are round tablets, square tablets or irregular pieces. Any of them can be used for this purpose.

A video demonstration of this process can be seen by clicking the link below.

Please click here for the Video Demonstration of  Camphor Burning.

                      Prickly Chaff  Burning 

Like burning camphor in fire other means are to use dried prickly chaff plants and circambulate the face and then burn it in fire.

Please click here and follow #25 for seeing pictures of  Prickly Chaff plant.


To bring more positive energy in one's life especially depression, health and other problems, the Neelan-janam ritual is very promising.  If some body is hospitalized, see the details of doing Neelanjanam.

In the previous section on using light for bringing changes in our life, which may be health, financial, relationships etc. The effect of light technology can be further be amplified by another technical-ritual called Neelanjanam. Neelanjanam is a mini Vedic fire ritual (Homa/Yagya/ Agnihotra)  that brings immense subtle positive vibrations for the health and materialistic and spiritual aspects of life.  For those with depression problems this is of extreme good. Please read how the subtle energy even subtler than the Electromagnetic waves  of light can influence our thoughts and life. All the details are given in the video and PDF version here.

Click here for frequently asked questions about Neelanjanam (Neeranjanam)

    One can light the lamp all seven days a week and the Neelanjanam if needed every day in the morning along with the lamp. After good improvements one can continue lighting lamps , but decrease the frequency of doing Neelanjanam on Wednesday mornings and or saturday Mornings based on the amount of Luck-Energy you want to generate.Atleast every Saturday morning would be good enough.  You can do that in your pooja room, where you have the lamp. You have to insulate the neelanjanam plate also, which means do not keep plate directly on Earth, but keep it on a wooden material or any insulating material. 

     If some one is severely affected by health problem , this can help in decreasing the hardships of disease and also get correct direction or improvements in the treatment. Bringing the sound vibrations of healing called the "Dhanwanthri Mantra" can bring immense benefits. If the disease is severe it may be good to do continuously for 41 days.

     Doing this ritual, one can notice decreasing quarrels in relationships and bring harmony anywhere at home or at office. Financial prospects can be stabilized and also improved over time doing this at home and or at office.

Chanting, Kanakadhara sloka brings success (youtube chanting of sloka) (pdf of Kanakadhara sloka.

Please click here for the Video Demonstration of  Neelan-janam.

Please click here for  Instructions in PDF of doing Neelan-janam.

Chanting Mantras or doing Meditation in front of the lamp and Neern-Janam is highly recommended because of the amplified benefits.  

For removing negative energy one can also do these simple rituals.

     If some body is seriously ill, then take the pouches in the fist and circambulate clockwise the whole body of the sick person and take it home and do the Neelanjanam and chant OM Namah Shivaya 1008 times thinking of the sick person to get well.

You can use the rice and coconut for your cooking (not for non-veg cooking). You can cannot use all the coconut or rice you can give it to your friends or anyone who would use for vegetarian cooking.

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