Coimbatore Latest News

Coimbatore Latest News

                             Uni5 School Coimbatore

The third Uni5 Sakthi School began in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu India on May 1st 2012. This Sakthi school uses Uni5 Educational System (UES) with integrated Montesorri method. Admissions started for children from age of one buildingyear to five.

This is at Theethiapalayam, near perur in Coimbatore. Some of teenage are into alcholism and drugs due to neglect of parents. Most of the parents are laborers. . This school will admit children irrespective of economic status, sex, creed, caste or nationality.

Uni5 education embraces all levels of our reality, that is our body, mind and intelligence with the society and universe to create an individual who is responsible to the own Self and society. 


Such an individual who discovers inner happiness can give happiness to others. Self-integrity summarizes this concept. Self-integrity is a quality, which refers to an individual’s Self connection to everything and holds everyone together. This is the deeper meaning of Dharma “that which supports and holds together”. Adhering to Dharma allows an individual to fulfill the goal of his life and a society to evolve.


       May 1, 2012 blossomed with summer shines and the Western Ghats of theethipalayam village glittered like silver plats.

     The small but beautiful house which has the luck of being “Montessori – uni 5 house of children” got opened by us.

   The effort of the team from December – 2011 to serve their rural community has transformed this house as a place of child’sdevelopment. 

children-workEvery object in the house is child centered. Everyone who are in this team work for the child’s growth.

Mrs.valsa (helper) took over the charge.

Ganapathi Homam was performed to initiate the energy of the place and fresh minds.

 Meanwhile Mr.Suresh performed pooja to the local duty.

 The whole team gathered slowly. Everyone was working. Arrangement of vases with fresh flowers, urili with water and flowers, admiring the beauty of the house and many such creative activities were happening.


All our 5 parents as uni 5 pattern came and mingled with the team.

By 11 A.M, Mr. & Mrs. Kandasamy lighted the lamp of wisdom and all chanted prayers for the center.

 Dr. Montessori, Velankanni Mary, Mecca Mosque and few Hindu Gods were in the prayer hall.

Mr. Ramalingam & Mr. Sathish placed the idol of Vallalar as the symbol of unity – peace & service.

Vinu sang Kurai ondrum ellai followed by Parthia’s Vellai Thamarai poovil irupall. Dr. Madeswaran sang Vallalar’s Universal prayer from Deivamani Malai.

Every child’s energy of learning & creativity got initiated by steel-utensilsmaking them to write OM in the rice. We chanted Vinayaka Moola Mantra and applied honey – as the taste of wisdom in their tongue.

Other elder children also performed this akshara apyasam ritual.

Then parents entered into the material hall and children started exploring/handling/working with materials.

Mrs. Valsa, Miss. Viji, senior students of our team was assisting the children.

Children were also independent when their parents slowly moved out of the room. Suresh madesh-ricebrought his sister’s daughter Anu who has started working.

Before lighting ceremony Dr. Madeswaran spoke briefly about the Montessori – uni 5 systems. Important instructions to the parents were also given.

The team served Laddu & Mixture as the snacks of joy.

After sometimes again the team with parents gathered. Important aspects about 0 – 4 years old children were explained to the team and parents.

Again Vinu, Siddarth & Prathika performed song and shlokas. Slowly official duties were carried out by Mrs. Sumathi and Mr. Ravi.

Mrs. Valsa was paid with April month salary with respect and love.

 The parents were asked to be aware about child’s development.

 Communication note book got distributed to parents. The house got arranged for next day’s work. Slowly all left the house to begin the next day.

 We thank one & all who has rendered their energy to begin this environment.

The sproutof learning Waves in the breeze of nest.

The fruit of love & service Will be seen soon.




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