Mathematics, the pattern of Numbers

For infants we start with number rods, a Montessori tool that was designed actually for primary children. When children leave for primary level, most of them can sensually count till 10.

For fast learners we have all Montessori math materials. Practically we make them to count and explore the numerical from their environment.

From the Uni5 system point of view, we again conenct that mathematical patterns in all streams of life. We connect to practical life by allowing them to measure rice and grains with both traditional measuring cups and the modern one's. They count and also connect to volume measurements also.

Girls wearing bangles and also do as a part of counting activity.

Nature walking and counting of objects, leaf arrangements  counting, flower petals, animals, cocounut fruits in trees etc.

We also incorporate local traditional games that is a part of the culture:

Snake and ladder, pallaam kuzhi, dice games etc,

Offering flowers, rotating beads are also used for counting.

For Higher levels in elementary - local and traditional games:

In advanced classes chess game pattens of moving objects.

Paandi-games (jumping in squares drawn in the ground).

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