Infancy center course


URC MEDICAL SCIENCES - Sakthi foundation
0-6 years Montessori and early childhood education exams - 2013-2014
Report about the second term practical session from Erode center.
10 candidates appeared in Erode out of 11 for final practicals in Montessori -- early childhood education exam on March 22nd 2014.
Each one has been tested with EPL, sensorial, Maths, Language and Uni5 concepts with oral viva and tools for presentations.
There were also asked to submit their materials which they have prepared for the course.
I was very nice to see most of them giving presentations with uni5 linking. Most of them have brought good concepts for uni5 presentations.Their methodology was clear and addressing language style was very good. Mr.N.Arulbalaji asked few questions during a Uni5 presentation.
1. Formation of salt from sea.
2. Sugar cane and its uses
3. groundnut plant for under ground vegetables.
4. Mustard seeds and plants.
5. Green gram.
While presenting EPL and real objects they made good self-connection with the child. Those who have missed out the practical classes accepted that they could not handle the materials especially sensorial and mathematics. They were asked to learn soon before attend the theory exams.
Creativity can be seen in making maths materials. Bead bars for numerical teaching has been made very well. Each ones few hand made tools will be selected and exhibited on May 4th festival.


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