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New Uni5 Sakthi School in Oct 2013

Kollidam is a very small village with 10,000 citizens just 11 Kms south to Chidhambaram city in Nagapatinam district of Tamil nadu. The villagers are agriculturists and there are around 15 fishing communities near this village who were actually affected by tsunami. There is no school for younger children around this area especially for mentally and physically challenged children.

Dr.Chellakumarasamy from Erode [250kms away from the village] visits this village twice in a month for medical service. He has a placement with rural staff. He has brought out the idea of establishing a Montessori - Uni5 learning center for 1 - 6 years old village children.

The changes happened in Poraiyar slums in the same district through our school is great and welcomed by society. So we are planning to open the center for the betterment behavior and social - civics responsibilities of the people and children in January 2014.

We warmly welcome people to donate your energy through money to purchase Montessori materials for the fishing villages. 80G tax exemption will be provided.

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