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Why Protect Heritage?

Our mission is to protect culture by preserving ancient cultural heritage. Why do we need culture?. Culture preserves the most valubale aspect of human, the mind. We document many ancient methods in health science, education, etc in this site. Why do we need old when we are evolving to modern ways?  What will happen if we dont preserve culture?

Here is a simple story to illustrate the point.

Once there was a prince who immediately after the throning ceremony ordered to kill all old people above because they are not good looking and cannot work energetically and a waste to feed them at home.  Everybody thought it made sense and killed their parents, except one young man in the village. He hid his parents in an attic. In spring when the people wanted to do farming, they did not know how to get the rice seeds because they have used up all of them in the winter. They felt bad that they had killed that information by killing all the old people who had that knowledge. Now they really repented for it but nobody had a solution.

The youngman told about his old parents in the attitic. The majestic king went in person to meet the old guys in attitic because they now suddently became so valuable. The old parents asked the king to look for the sporuting rice plants from the seeds that accidently fell down when they carried from farmland to market. He carefully replanted the rice plants in farmland. From then on started the practice of transplanting rice spalings from one field to another.

The king was overjoyed and congradulated the youngman for reviving farming and saving everyone from famine, by preserving his old parents. The king understood his mistake and ordered that everybody should take care of their old parents for their guiding wisdom.

This story is a symbolic of the work Uni5 Sakthi Foundation does by documenting all the ancient methods. One day when we dont understand the importance of wisdom, we will have this site to refer and revive humanity.We have five levels of information ...on health, relationships, education, selftual Awareness for being happy and Consciousness for eternity. Any time we want to most valuable information/knolwedge, this site will have it.

Please donate to the help these projects for everybody's future.


 We are planning to support Heritage in several countures.

1. Aranmula Heritage Project

2. Angor Vat heritage Project

My grandma super too

Other folk-lore tales.





Pradheep Chhalliyil



Dr. Pradheep Challiyil is a scientist, educator and an author of several books.

He is now a Biotechnology consultant working to solve challenges in the application of RNA, DNA for molecular biology applications like qPCR, Digital PCR, DAN sequencing etc. 

Dr. Chhalliyill has 30 plus years of professional scientific experience. In 1997, Dr. Challiyil co-founded a 503(c) tax-exempt non-profit organization called Sakthi Foundation. He also started a Sakthi Schools, a subsidiary of Sakthi Foundation. Today, there are several Sakthi Schools operation in Southern India. In addition, he developed a new effective, integrated and holistic education system known as the Uni5 system of education. In fact, all the Sakthi Schools, as well as few other schools in India, are adopting this Uni5 system of education.

Sakthi Foundation website will provide an immense amount of information ranging from health, happiness, relationship, pattern-based education, parenting, energy, and spirituality. He has delivered numerous lectures all around the globe. He also provides advice through Uni5 telegram groups on the above topics.




A Biotechnology consultant for solving challenges in the application of RNA, DNA for molecularbiology applications like qPCR, Digital PCR, DAN sequencing etc. 

 Senior Scientist: Worked on developing molecular biology  technology (qPCR, digital PCR etc) to help food industry to test for food fraud, adulteration, contamination etc.

prad 2016 maySocial responsibility:   Co-founded and works at free time for a community-profiting organization (Uni5-SakthiFoundation INC).

Co-started a five level integrated Holistic Education Uni5 Schools in India.

Gives awareness talks on aspects of life (Health, Relationships, Parenting, Education, Spirituality, Selftuality and Community Responsibility).

Education Background

  • Ph.D in Cancer Biology, Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai, India
  • Post doctoral Fellow, Roswell Park Cancer Institute, Buffalo, NY.
  • M. S. Biochemistry PSGCAS, Coimbatore (India)
  • B. S. Biochemistry PSGCAS, Coimbatore (India)

Importance of Ph.D work in Cancer : This work was the first to show the effect of Clesitanthin compounds purified from cleistanthus collinus on cancer cells with least effect on normal cells in comparison to other leading cancer drugs. Cleistanthus collinus is a toxic plant , but purification results in removing the toxic effects and showing anticancerous activity.

This work is still motivating other researchers to work on these compounds.  https://www.alliedacademies.org/conference-abstracts-files/molecules-targeting-cancer-stem-cells.pdf  Godvari Refinieries ,  Sathgen,  a company has studied the effect on clesitanthin and its derivatives. 

A pub med search https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/?term=cleistanthin++cancer



  • The first “Anna Memorial GOLD AWARD”, for the best Ph.D. thesis publication in cancer field (India).
  • Winner-Book Award 2004 at Hollywood Spiritual Film Festival



  • A process for isolation of the anticancer principle from medicinal plants - India - 1539/MAS/95.
  • An electrochemical process for water sterilization by singlet Oxygen production - 1622/MAS/95.


  • Deivamum Deiveega Sakthigalum:
  • Journey to the Source, Decoding Matrix Trilogy, Sakthi Books 2004, Iowa.
  • “Putrunoyyium Unavum” (Diet & Cancer- Co-author Dr.M.Madeswaran) Tamil, 1997, Maruthi Publishers, Coimbatore, India.
  • "Bhakshanavum Cancerum" Malaylam, Sakthi Foundation 2013, USA - Co-Author-Dr.M.Thomas).
  • More than 2000 pages of information on web on Health, Relationships, Parenting, Education, Spirituality, Selftuality and Community Responsibility.

Ph.D Work: Cleistanthin as Anti-cancer agent

News in "The Hindu"

News in Tamil Paper

News in Malayalam Paper 

Scientific Publications:



Work quoted in Book


ALTERNATIVES TO THE USE OF LIVE VERTEBRATES IN BIOMEDICAL RESEARCH AND TESTING : A bibliography with Abstracts: Prepared by NATIONAL LIBRARY OF MEDICINE NATIONAL INSTITUTES OF HEALTH BETHESDA, MD USA.by Vera W. Hudson, M.S. Project Coordinator and Scientific Editor, National Library of Medicine and Elizabeth DeBerry, Copy Editor, National Library of Medicine: 1997 No. 3.

Cytotoxic and genotoxic effects of cleistanthin B in normal and tumor cells. Prabhakaran C Kumar P, Panneerselvam N, Rajesh S, Shanmugam G.

2. Quick Tips for Balanced Living:Himalayan Institute Press-2005. Inner Cleansing by Pradheep Chhalliyil -Page 32-34.

3. From Superman to Brahman: The Religious Shift of The Matrix Mythology


Journal of Religion and Film, Jeffery Wittung, Daniel Bramer Volume 10 Issue 2 October 2006



 Co-Founded Uni5 Sakthi Foundation INC

  • A Tax exempted Non-Profit (Community Profiting) organization operating in USA, India, and Indonesia and doing various charitable activities.
  • Giving health information to hundreds of people all over the globe for various ailments.
  • Help to fund underprivileged children, orphans for their school education.
  • Bring awareness among underprivileged people through health camps, such as “eye camps”, and diabetic camps in remote areas of Tamil Nadu.
  • Create Audiovisual materials to help create health awareness.
  • Started the first free or pay-as-capable Uni5schools in Sendurai (Madurai), Coimbatore, Porayar (as opposed to middle/upper-class oriented schools in urban locations). (www.sakthischools.org)
  • Support the work of other non-profit (NGO's) organizations.

 TEACHING EXPERIENCE (1990 to 1997):

  • Lecturer in Biochemistry, P.S.G.College of Arts & Sciences, CBE, Dec 1990 – May 1992.
  • Biochemistry theory & practicals for MSc Biology and Biotechnology at M. K. University (1992 -97).


    • UGC Lectureship 1990 (University Grants Commission)
    • ICAR Biotechnology 1991 (Indian council of Agri.Research)
    • UGC-CSIR JRF 1992 (Council of Scientific & Industrial Research).
    • UGC-CSIR SRF 1994 (Council of Scientific & Industrial Research).

    1. C.P.Pradheepkumar, & G.Shanmugam. "Cleistanthin B induces cell death by causing DNA damage". Proc.Nat.con. on environ, health & genetic risk at Osmania University at Hyderabad on 5-6 Nov. 1995.

    2. C.P.Pradheepkumar, Sapna Sinha, N.Panneer selvam & G.Shanmugam. "Apoptosis & genotoxic effects of anticancer drugs & herbicides"National symposium on Apoptosis mech.s & applns. March 7-8,1996.

    3. G.Shanmugam, C.P.Pradheepkumar & N.Panneerselvam. "Apoptosis induced by Cleistanthin B in CHO cells" 6th Int.congress on Cell Biology & 36th Amer. Soc. for cell biol annual meeting Dec 7-11,1996, San Francisco, California.

    4. First International Comprehensive Cancer Care conferance: Center for mind-body medicine. 12-14th June 1998, Washington DC, USA (Full scholarship was given to attend the conference).

    5. First International congress on Tibetian Medicine: 7-9th Novemeber 1998, Washington DC, USA (Full scholarship was given to attend the conference).

    6. 1st Global Conference on GMO Analysis, Villa Erba, Como, Italy, 24-27 June 2008, GM rice screening in the Mexican market by real time PCR

    7. Pittcon Conference 2007, 2009, 2012

    8. PAG Plant Animal Genome conference – 2008, 2012

    9. Real-Time Conference - 2007

  • G-OnRamp Workshop Agenda 2018 Washington University in St. Louis, July 16-19

Links to Talks

Topics of Talks

1. Health and luck factor !. More modern scientific research shows that more than genetics, environment and life style, diseases like cancer is caused by randomness. The talk will be about luck in life, how to understand it and how to increase it. The content is totally different from the common views of information not thought about by doctors or health professionals.

2. Successful Parenting !. This topic is about the five needs of a child that is taken care from the young age will guarantee success in a child's life. This will help to avoid stress both in the parents and the child. This is based on practically tried and found effective.

3. Happy and successful Carreer !.This talk helps adults and students to find the job enjoyable and successful. It also addresses what career one should choose and find happiness in all five levels of being.

4. Simplified Bhagavad Gita !.One of the most practical solutions for all day to day life problems we encounter. This one hour talk will give you the essence of Gita that you it will make sense the geniousness of the Ancient Indian thought on encountering life situations.

5. Can one Education pattern be effective for effective personal and professional life !. This talk brings evidence how a pattern based education can help all students, adults about a pattern based learning system that will make one brilliant in arts, science, maths and at the same time understand the mystery of oneself and the Universe.


Chhalliyil, P.; Ilves, H.; Kazakov, S.A.; Howard, S.J.; Johnston, B.H.; Fagan, J. A Real-Time Quantitative PCR Method Specific for Detection and Quantification of the First Commercialized Genome-Edited Plant. Foods20209, 1245.




Chennai, Coimbatore, India

 Director, Sakthi Foundation Uni5 Schools (Since 2007)


Over 17 years’ experience in teaching middle level and senior level school

Conducting Montessori – Uni5 teacher training course to suburban women in Tamil language for 1 – 6 years.

2012 January – since – Montessori language consultant in Redwoods Montessori school - Chennai

2011 – since – part time language consultant in Vruksha Monteessori school - Chennai

2007 – since director of Sakthi Montessori – Uni5 centers [Sendurai, Poraiyar and Coimbatore]

Elementary Montessori language Director,   Abacus Montessori Icse School, Chennai ,[2001-2010 ]

Biology teacher and Tamil Assistant...Jaycees Matriculation Higher Secondary School,Erode....[2000...June To December]

Biology teacher and Tamil Language Assistant...Barathy Vidya Bhavan Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Erode..[1996...1999]


Co-Authored the Book “Diet and Cancer” Maruthi Publishers, 1997.

Writes articles on culture, tradition, child education, Montessori education, epics and mythologies [Uni5 periyapuranam, uni5 Thiruvilayadal puranam and uni5 mahabaktha vijayam].

Translates Montessori articles in Tamil.


  • Ph.D (Doctorate in Philosophy): Literary Criticism On Tamil Language Of 14 A.D. Bharathidasan .University , 2002.
  • Diploma In Montessori  Training For primary and elementary Level.
  • Bachelor degree in Bio-chemistry: Bharathiyar University-1994: Anatomy & physiology, Chemistry, Bio-physics and Bio-chemistry.
  • Masters in   Tamilology: M.K.University. 1996

Primary, Middle & High School: Bharathy vidya bavan matriculation school (4000 students) and left as the best outgoing student of the year (1991).

             English, Science, Math, Social Science.

Teaching Experience: 1996 – Present:

Other Artistic talents.

  • Best Out Going Student Of My School In 1991.
  • Know South Indian Music,
  • Effective in delivering public talks on general topics
  • Did research and collected information on Ancient architecture and history for a Tourism developing company in Madurai, India.
  • Painting - Created New Pattern Of Line Drawing On Old Legends. Published in many magazines for their uniqueness
  • Conducting Uni5 personality sessions for corporates, students, teachers and parents.
  • Conducts workshop for parenting and child development
  • Conducts CAC sessions to promote uni5 concept in Coimbatore and Chennai.

click below the youtube video


Uni5 Logo

  Uni5LogoFor everyone their own Self is important than anything in this world. In fact all that exist for every one is their inner Self and the external Universe. The outer and inner is made up of only Energy. Though this Energy inside and outside is only one and Same, we have a duality of "I" and other matter. Then we have a question where did I and this matter come and is there a connection or not.

To make this concept understand in a easy way, we view this single Universal Energy  manifestation in a pattern of five phenomenal states. The Universal Self pattern refers to the five pattern of Energy.

 This five pattern is also seen within us as our

1. Physical (occupying space-time) Body,

2.Chemical (interactive) Mind,

3. Mathematical (calculating) Intelligence

4. Biological (living) Awareness and

5. Selftual (all embracing) Consciousness.

 The individual has the choice to recongize one's own Self to be the changing physical body and emotional mind or the cognizing intelligence or the Self awareness or the Community Self Consciousness.

Being in the Self Awareness/ Consciouness state is Selftual, the core message of Uni5 Community.

Every choice comes with a result. Identifying oneself to the changing body and mind results in fear of old-age, death and decay.

Identifying oneself to the intelligence results in confidence in realizing the reality of Energy evolution of the Universe.

sakthi logo 2015Identifying oneself to the Self-Awareness results in being the inner Evolution.

Identifying oneself to the Community Self Consciousness results in a Eternal steady state of existence.

 Everlasting happiness comes when the individual Self is connected to the Community Self. This is shown by the invidual self pointing finger (fore-finger) joining the thumb finger denoting the Community Self Consciousness.

The single Universal Energy expanded in five process to this existing Universe. Then this Energy goes back to the same Source. The five hands and the U gives the meaning that all that came goes back to the source (inclined C shape).

In the logo the five fingers are five in number, uni5 is four in number, All that is 3 in number, I am is two in number , Eternal is one in number.

The word "I am Eternal" refers to the state when the individual transcends to the state of a community Self. At this state  the indivudal self recognizes the Single Universal Energy state.

Energy can neither be created nor destroyed (Eternal) only transformed from one form to another. So our Self is Eternal.

Five Uni5 Principles

 1. Thumb - The Purpose of life is to be happy.

 2. Index -  "As is the Macro-Universe (our outer) so is the Micro-Universe (our inner)".

 3. Middle - The Universal Energy can neither be created nor destroyed but transform from one form to another.

4. Ring - Transformation (evolution) of the mind to higher level of views  is inevitable for happy life.

5. Little -Every action has an effect and so choose actions that bring Eternal happiness.

The Hierarchy Uni5 Triangle and Selftual Circle: When we identify ourself with our physical body, emotional mind and intellectual logics, there is a hierarchy of superiority. In the Self level, there is only the Self at its center and any size circle with a range of circumference could be drawn. Our Self (image) is determined by how far we embrace this universe. 

Sarvam khalvidam Evaham Nanya Dashti Sanathanam- All that is, I am, Eternal.


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