Cancer Regimen

This regimen is for cancer patients. These are small changes one can have to improve healing. Make a time table for yourself based on the information given below.

Sleeping time
Go to bed early (around 9 - 10 p.m.) and wake up early (5 - 6 a.m.). Time of sleep is very important. There are lot evidence currently obtained through research that sleep-wake cycle influences hormones, which in turn affects the physiology of the body. Going early to bed and getting up early is helpful in many ways. Staying awake late in the night is in fact a stress to the body. You would have experienced lack of refreshment when you get up after a late night sleep. Next when you get up late you lack time for many morning activities and you have to hurry up with things. So remember to sleep early and get up early. Most of us tend to brood over our day to day life problems when we go to bed. We close our eyes but worry about the day's problems and about the next day and the future. This will tend you to keep you awake though you are in bed. So keep away your worries, think of having a good sleep. It's good to have a prayer if you are spiritual.


Sleeping place
Keep the room pleasant and well ventilated. Avoid bedroom lights and sleep in dark or with very mild light. It's healthy to sleep without light. In the afternoon while taking a short nap, try to make the room dark. Melatonin is a hormone that is secreted in the night, which has anti-oxidant and cancer preventing properties. They have a wide range of activities in the body and rejuvenate cells. The melatonin secretion is regulated by darkness.


Sleeping position
While sleeping keep the head towards east or west but never to the north direction. Sleeping parallel to the magnetic field of the earth (north south) might experience sleeping disturbances and bad dreams. This is to keep the body perpendicular to the Earth Magnetic field.


Waking time

Wake around 5 or 6 in the morning. Initially you will have some difficulty in getting up early but in due course of time you will enjoy this schedule. Waking up early in the morning gives you enough time in doing all that you need to do without any hurry. Its good if you have a picture of  any positive  object or scenery that you like in front of the bed and begin your daily activities with a pleasant thought.

      Put up a writing in front of the bed to remind yourself of you to be fully aware of your thoughts the whole day. Waking up such a positive awareness thought will make a difference in the day. No matter what difficulties arise remind yourself of being aware of that negative thought. |Just being awareness will put off negative thoughts and give peace of mind to you.


Brush your teeth and empty bowels
After brushing teeth flush your mouth well to get rid of the toothpaste, if needed can be swiped with a tongue cleaner


Water therapy
Drink 1.5 liters of water. Drink water after you brush your teeth and then do not eat or drink for at least half an hour to one hour after the water therapy.


  • Do Pranayama for 10 to 15 minutes in a well ventilated place, preferably in a garden or near a tree.
  • Do walking for 10-30 minutes.
  • Do the healing Yoga exercises which will take 30 minutes every day.
  • Take bath and then breakfast after your prayers.
  • Eat one bitter almond just before breakfast.
  • Have heavy breakfast and lunch.
  • Have a light dinner.
Alkalize the body with Food  
Since cancer cells do not thrive in alkaline conditions of the body, keep the body alkaline with unrefined, unprocessed foods and also including more alkalizing foods.
Purify the Mind
The state of the mind is very important. If the individual lose will power the immune system weakens and no therapy would be effective. Try to bring body mind co-ordination which is very important in healing.


The Holistic
   This  holistic  approach of integrating  mind and body will allow the body to get rid of cancer cells.   It looks simple but  is the most  powerful healing approach.

Visualisation, or Mental Imagery, is most effective when one knows the processes of the body and can accurately 'see' the desired processes working. There must be a CLEAR mental picture of what-needs to be done. The mind has to give instructions to the body - and this is possible only if there is adequate knowledge of these processes.

Visualisation is the link between the conscious and the Subconscious autonomic mind which actually instructs the body to carry out its operations and this autonomic mind must be contacted and instructed before any physical results can happen. The more specific a mental command is, the more likely is it to be carried out.

For other diseases and also for cancer
The image therapy and visualization is not done separately. The positive commands are given when pranayama is done. When the Pancha bhoota yoga is done massage and acupressure of different parts or the affected part positive commands and feelings are given. This is why doing all the five elements of Pancha Bhoota gives complete healing.

  • Laughing is the best therapy. It relieves stress significantly. Laughing and keeping mind (See details in Space therapy page)
  • Cheerful influences your immunity. In laughing clubs members laugh and relieve stress (why don't you join it?).
  • Watch lot of comedy movies to relax yourself.
  • Avoid too much serious movies and thrillers to avoid tension and stress.
  • Understand every thought you think will shape the destiny of your life. So think positive thoughts to live a positive life.

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