Health News 2021



 September 2021



High Fat Diets Break the Body Clock in Rats, and This Might Be the Underlying Cause of Obesity

Setting the Teeth on Edge: Identifying the Risk Factors for Tooth Loss


August 2021



Exercise Improves Health Through Changes on DNA


July 2021


Study Finds Calcium Precisely Directs Blood Flow in the Brain

Pandemic of Antibiotic Resistance Is Killing Children in Bangladesh, Researchers Find


Nanomaterials Shape and Form Influences Their Ability to Cross the Blood Brain Barrier


June 2021





May 2021


Meditative Practice and Spiritual Wellbeing May Preserve Cognitive Function in Aging


Prediabetes May Not Be as Benign as Once Thought

April 2021 

Mar 2021

Sugar Not So Nice for Your Child's Brain Development


Green Leafy Vegetables Essential for Muscle Strength


Consumption of Added Sugar Doubles Fat Production


Invasive Weed May Help Treat Some Human Diseases, Researchers Find

Uncovering Hidden Forever Chemicals

New Discovery Explains Antihypertensive Properties of Green and Black Tea


Feb 2021

Seasonal Variation in Daylight Influences Brain Function


Long-Term Stress Linked to Increased Risk of Heart Attack


Jan 2021


Air Pollution Poses Risk to Thinking Skills in Later Life


Acute Itching in Eczema Patients Linked to Environmental Allergens


Feb 2021

How Air Pollution May Increase the Risk of Cardiovascular Disease


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