Behaviour News 2021




December 2021


Mindfulness Can Get Wandering Thoughts Back on Track


November 2021

When Older Couples Are Close Together, Their Heart Rates Synchronize

Despite Understanding the Concept of Mindfulness, People Are Applying It Incorrectly, Research Finds

October 2021

How a Natural Disaster Can Bring Couples Closer

One in Three Kids With Food Allergies Say They’ve Been Bullied Because of Their Condition


September 2021


Spouses Really Are Together in Sickness and in Health Suggests New Study

Happiness in Early Adulthood May Protect Against Dementia


August 2021


Why Uncertainty Makes Us Change Our Behavior -- Even When We Shouldn't

July 2021

Leader Effectiveness May Depend on Emotional Expression

June 2021

Rude Behavior at Work Not an Epidemic, New Study Shows

Powerful People Are Less Likely to Be Understanding When Mistakes Are Made

Rudeness Leads to Anchoring, Including in Medical Diagnoses

What Guides Habitual Seeking Behavior Explained


May 2021

Nature Draws out a Happy Place for Children


April 2021


Mar 2021

Social Media Addiction Linked to Cyberbullying 

Don't Let the Small Stuff Get You Down -- Your Well-Being May Depend on It


Higher Income Predicts Feelings Such as Pride and Confidence


Feb 2021

Physical Discipline and Cognitive Deprivation Associated With Specific Types of Developmental Delay

Ensuring Healthy Family Mealtimes Is Important -- And 

Jan 2021


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