Dec 2020


An Avocado a Day Keeps Your Gut Microbes Happy, Study Shows

 Gut Microbiota Plays Role in Mood Regulation

Researchers Suggest Stool Transplants Can Battle Serious Infections


Nov 2020

Microbiota Linked to Dynamics of Human Immune System


Connection Between Gut Bacteria and Vitamin D Levels


Glyphosate May Affect Human Gut Microbiota


Gut Check: Teff Grain Boosts Stomach Microbiome Health

Connection Between Household Chemicals and Gut Microbiome

Why Protecting the Brain Against Infection Takes Guts

Follow Your Gut: How Farms Protect from Childhood Asthma


Oct 2020

Carb-Eating Bacteria Under Viral Threat


Sep 2020

Gut Microbiome Plays Key Role in Sleep ...

Links Among Poor Sleep, High Blood Pressure, Gut Microbiome Discovered

Antibiotics Affect Breast Milk Microbiota in Mothers of Preterm Infants, Study Finds

Study Tracks Human Milk Nutrients in Infant Microbiome

August 2020

Gut Bacteria Can Enhance Immunotherapy

GI Symptoms Linked to Behavioral Problems in Children, Especially Those With Autism

Gut Microbes Shape Our Antibodies

Swallowing This Colonoscopy-Like Bacteria Grabber Could Reveal Secrets About Your Health

 July 2020

High-Fat Diet With Antibiotics: Gut Inflammation

Green Spaces and Babies' Gut Bacteria

Strain of E. Coli May Offer Protections Against Its More Malevolent Cousins

Good Gut Bacteria Cuts the Risk for Heart ...

June 2020

Microbiome Confers Resistance to Cholera

The Gut Shields the Liver from Fructose-Induced Damage

Clostridium Difficile: Fecal Microbial Transplantation More Effective and Less Costly Than Antibiotics

Common Food Additive Causes Adverse Health Effects in Mice

Gut Bacteria May Modify Behavior in Worms

Could the cure for IBD be inside your mouth?

Microbes Might Manage Your Cholesterol 


Probiotics with top-performing Lactobacillus strains may improve vaginal health

Diet, gut microbes affect cancer treatment outcomes

May 2020

How maternal intestinal microbiota is involved in fetal development

Environmental Contaminants Alter Gut Microbiome, Health

Brain-to-gut connections traced

Individualized Mosaics of Microbial Strains Transfer from the Maternal to the Infant Gut

April 2020

Scientists Explore Links Between Genetics, Gut Microbiome and Memory

Viruses from Feces Can Help Combat Obesity and Diabetes

A More Plant-Based Diet Without Stomach Troubles: Getting Rid of FODMAPs With Enzymes


Lifestyle Trumps Geography in Determining Makeup of Gut Microbiome

Infants Introduced Early to Solid Foods Show Gut Bacteria Changes That May Portend Future Health Risks

MAR 2020 

Not only what you eat, but how you eat, may affect your microbiome

Repeat antibiotic prescribing linked to higher risk of hospital admissions

Two-Faced Bacteria

FEB 2020

Resident Microbes Restructure Body Chemistry

Ulcerative colitis linked to missing gut microbes

Specific gut bacteria may be associated with pulmonary arterial hypertension

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