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Psychology of Intelligence Analysis / Edition 1

by Richard J. Heuer Jr.

Book Description:

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With intelligence now getting a front-row seat in governments around the world, this book is especially timely. Intelligence rains in, but without an understanding of the nature of the intelligence, it accumulates in puddles of obscurity. The problems therefore seem to be how to obtain it, how to understand it, and how to sell it to one's bosses.

This book deals with how to understand it. Three fundamental points are at the heart of this presentation about the cognitive challenges intelligence analysts face: The mind is poorly "wired" to deal effectively with both inherent uncertainty (the natural fog surrounding complex, indeterminate intelligence issues) and induced uncertainty (the man-made fog fabricated by denial and deception operations). Even increased awareness of cognitive and other "unmotivated" biases, such as the tendency to see information confirming an already-held judgment more vividly than one sees "disconfirming" information, does little by itself to help analysts deal effectively with uncertainty. Tools and techniques that gear the analyst's mind to apply higher levels of critical thinking can substantially improve analysis on complex issues on which information is incomplete, ambiguous, and often deliberately distorted. Key examples of such intellectual devices include techniques for structuring information, challenging assumptions, and exploring alternative interpretations. This book was first issued by the CIA.



Sacrifice, the fuel of life

Na Karmana, Na Prajaya, Dhanena

Tyage Naike Amrithatva  Manasu

Not by action, not by position or wealth;

Sacrifice alone confers immortality.

Sacrifice or Unconditional Love, the highest Energy Transformer, which we spend as fortune or luck in our life: Actions done out of Love (Selfless actions) transform actions to an useable form of Energy (Life force energy)  to the highest magnitude. Unconditional work done irrespective of caste, creed, religions, nationality , race, plants, animals, birds, microbes etc transforms Energy into SAL Energy.

Every energy-form in this universe is sacrificing it's form to change to new. So does sacrifice in human  to bring an addition in life. Sacrifice is unavoidable. Without losing one we cannot gain  another.  Therefore no body is a loser or a winner. Every winner loses and every loser wins. This is why life is fair.

Many a times we ask us this question, why should I sacrifice, why not others?. This could be between a husband and wife or any other family member or in an organization or in a community, country or in the universe. The basic law is that sacrifice is the fundamental of life. Everybody has to do sacrifice for the common good. If we restrict ourselves, we become selfish like the cancer cells. 

In our body, there is a process called, apoptosis or programmed cell death. This is the scientific term for Self-sacrifice. They are programmed to die so that the whole body remains healthy. When cells refuse to undergo this self sacrifice death, cancer results.

In our modern soceity we individuals resist from doing this sort of self-sacrifice. Therefore the community become cancerous. When a cell refuses to do apoptosis we call cancerous. When a individual refuses to do self-sacrifice, we call egoistic person.

Splitting of families to nuclear families is the first symptoms of benign cancer state. Now the individuality is strengthening, which means less and less sacrifice, which means cancerours or malignant nature of scoeity. No individual wants to give up their individuality for community. This could be right at home.

Husband and wife does not want to do their duty , but do what they like. When somebody insist a wife to do their duty, ignorant people comment that it is male-chavunism or supressing womenhood. Like cells in a body every individual has a role (duty) to perform. Why me, why not him asks a wife?. It is like a liver cells ask why should I do this work, why not I do the work of a heart?.

This lack of knowledge of duty and the danger of individuality is the cause of many social problems. From an infectious soceity we have become a cancerous soceity. An infect can be treated because, we know the specific cause or agent. However, cancer is difficult to treat because, the cell itself is the cause.

 Every individual, whether a husband, wife or a child, should focus on performing the duty well and not on strengtheing their individuality. This canerous thinking decreases our luck energy over time.

Sacrifice has been so much emphazised in ancient societies. This is for the benefit of the community.

hand-digitsLook how as a baby we developed hands. Cells in between the finger self-sacrifice adn so we could develop limbs. If the cells between them had resisted to sacrifice, then we would not have digits in hand, but a chicken leg piece kind of flesh in our hand. Images from http://www.handresearch.com/diagnostics/palmar-creases-hand-lines-embryology.htm

This is how we have to self reflect, when it comes to make sacrifices in life. We have fear of death because we dont know the scientific truth that energy cannot be destoryed, it is only transformed. We can never die doing a sacrifice. We are born with that sacrificial energy as luck in our rebirth.

When we have not done any sacrifice (unconditional love, duty), then we lack the luck energy. Then there are ways through rituals to generate small amounts of the energy as discussed in SAL Energy page.

Everybody sacrifices time-Energy into prosperity-energy. However luck-Energy decides the level of prosperity. This luck Energy comes from Sacrifice. Sacrifice means to do something beyond our

1. Physical body,

2. Emotional likes/dislikes/beliefs/attitude/discimination

3. logical reasoning/judgements

Based on these three levels and the duration, we increase luck energy or fortune in life. This fortune or luck may happen in the same life time or in different life-times.

Sacrifical acts including-charity/donations/good will/gratitude/compassion/helpfullness/forgiveness/simplicity/truthfullness etc.

Sacrificial energy is the karmic currency that pays us to lead our lives. But like every financial year changes brings the payoff of the efforts, our birth-rebirth life times also bring the fortune and luck in our lives.

Charity, donations, good will, helping nature, life-sacrifical acts to help, protect an individual or a group or country or world are all sacrifical actions that increasing SAL energy, whcih we spend as prosperity in life.

 Copy right - Universal Selftual pattern -2014.

Views- Darsans

About the reality or Truth of this world, there are more than six billion views. This means each has their version of personalized view of the Truth. Then there are views recorded in history of the died ones. Some of the views of them are popular in all fields like science, arts, literature and religion. Example, views of Rishis, Siddhars, Rama, Krishna, Buddha, Mahavir Jain, Abraham, Socrates,Moses, Zorastrian, Jesus Christ, Muhammed, Gandhi etc giving way for popular views.

All the personal confusion, relationship disharmony, family feuds, conflicts and wars all arise when the views are in different levels. We have organized and classified all the views into five types for easy understanding and also to move forward or evolve in life and attain peace and happiness.

Why is this elephant and five blind men relate to views of Truth? http://uni5.co/index.php/en/true-truth/blind-view.html We all view life and this Universe from our point of view and live thinking that is the ultimate Truth. This is the cause for conflicts within ourselves, family members, work place, friends, different religions and countries and belief systems.

However, our view point need not be the Truth or Reality. It is only a dream world projected with our likes and dislikes. We are all extremists in our view and do not accommodate other views in our thinking. Interestingly the Cosmic Energy tries to wakeup from our extremism to know the Truth. This is what we face as difficulties, challenges and sorrows in life. If we dont have a guidance, then we keep beating the bush for millions of life times.

One who has this Ultimate vision (Drishyam) of Truth is known as Rishi (from the root word Drish). Ancient Rishis and Siddhars have given a pattern to know the Reality or truth. They illustrated this in the most simplest form of five blind seeing an elephant and expressing "their view" of elephant. They superimpose their life experience on the "Truth" of life. However a person who goes beyond the levels of Body, Mind and intelligence, sees the Reality as it is. This is called Yaanai-Kanda Vaadham in Tamil.

All atheistic, religious and scientific views are correct in those levels, but "Truth" is beyond these levels and every being has the ability to know it. As any practice, it requires 1. Undergo suffering and forced to do it or know naturally with joy. 2. Guidance to Know the pattern, 3. Putting effort to make the mind to follow the pattern 4. Self connecting to the pattern 5. Experience the Universal Pattern.


Dilemma in Decisions

All of us encounter dilemma in taking decisions in life. we take the advise and do the action. If the outcome was favourable we are happy and feel proud of the outcome too.

However if the outcome is un-favourable, we are unhappy and also blame the advisor, the situations or the people involved in the action.

Face the Reality: If the outcome is un-favourable, by being unhappy or  blaming  the advisor, the situations or the people involved in the action, will not change the unfavourable into favourable. You are the one who has to squarely deal with it. That is the reality.

It is good to ask for advise. But, who is a good advisor?. The one who gives a clear picture of both the favourable (Sweet) and unfavourable (bitter) outcome of the action is the advisor.

Face the Reality: Take advices, but dont give decision making power to others, because it is you, who will be dealing with the outcome of the action.

Final Decision making logic: After talking to many of your well wishers or counsellers, you are clear with the favourable and unfavourable outcomes of the two choices in executing the action. This is where  many people think the more they consult others, they get more confused in making the decision, or in simple words, the dilemma is stronger than before.

On what  basis will you choose an action?. It is common that we all look at the advantages we get by choosing and executing an action. Seldom we realize that for any action we perform,  there are always two outcomes. One that is sweet favourable (obvious and immediate without time delay) and another is bitter unfavourable (not obvious, comes later). So every action has these two sweet and bitter and sweet outcomes in different doses.

In other words, in all actions we do, we have loss and gain. We will lose in one level and gain in another level. Which is our comfort zone, we have to choose it and we will soley will experience the effect of that choice.

All gains will make us happy, but the loss will over shadow the happiness of the gain we achieve. Instead, a wiser person will take the side of the loss and enjoy the happiness that accompanies. This is why most of us we have possessions we have, but not happy, because gain and loss is a package of life's action (karma). Every winner loses something to gain something. Every loser also gains something. So Life is fair game (Universal Selftual pattern 2017)

Example, you have a choice of doing action A or action B.  Both the actions A and B will have two outcomes (sweet and bitter)Five identification. Decision should be based on taking into account not only the action that gives an obvious favourable result, but also the hidden un-favourable outcomes also. Since all the results of actions comes with a sweet and bitter outcome in different proportions, it is natural to choose an action that appears sweet. However, the bitterness that comes along will over-shadow the sweetness , unltimately we will be unhappy.

Uni5 Mantra to make a decision: Choose an action, which will give an outcome with  a bitterness that you can handle, then you can also enjoy the sweetness that comes along with it. If you choose an action that gives an outcome with high dose of bitterness, then you will not be able to enjoy the happiness that comes with that action. Ultimately we all do actions for one reason, to be happy.

The five fingers in our hand will symbolically show us the five levels of happiness with its time duration to help make our decisions. Higher the level, longer will be the duration of happiness enjoyed. This is the Uni5-Mantra to perform actions in life. This is the Self-Guru or God, present in everyone.

A practical message to take decisions is given in Uni5 Sakthi Gita.

Reference: Based on the Book - Universal Self pattern (2017 Publication)

True Truth

 Why should we know this Ultimate Truth or what is the use of knowing it? Being close to the Universal Truth gives peace and happiness and distancing away from it, creates suffering in life. Varying degree of distances from Truth, generates different views. As a result, we create a set pattern  of views, a personality, an identity (Read article). Every personality feels that their level of view to be the Ultimate Truth or reality.

But who is correct?. One who perceives reality without any individual bias or limitations realizes and experience the Truth. Life is a journey which forecfully teaches us to perceive the Truth without bias, especially through traumatic experiences that we try to avoid. Everybody gains and loses holding on to the biased views because every view has its own pros and cons.

Generally everyone justifies their views of gains to get secured happiness. However the wise avoids biased views and evolves towards Truth because the intensity of the loss and resultant suffering is intolerable. We finally free us from the cycles of suffering and happiness, trials and errors to a state of Eternal Universal Happiness.

We have simplified the means to know the Truth to live a life of happiness and avoid suffering by viewing everything through a five pattern mode. We have coined a new term "Selftual" to emphasize the reality that nothing is more important than our "Self".

This self is viewed at five levels as 1. our physical body 2. our emotional mind 3. our intelligence 4. our Self Awareness 5. our community Self (Consciousness). Applying these five patterns, we can keep a healthy body and mind, sharp distinguishing intelligence, an awareful Self Awareness and all embracing community Consciousness.

This same five pattern is seen in every aspect of Energy, the fundmantal phenomenon of the Universe.  "Energy", that which ticks everything in the universe, is neither created nor destroyed but functions as many when transformed from one form to another. Energy finally through many cycles of transformation of forms goes to a steady state. This Energy evolution is also the same of our personality evolution. 

    The transformation of Energy is the core driving force in evolution from the gigantic cosmos to the smallest living organism on Earth. We understand that there is a Universal pattern of Energy Evolution which is reflected in every particle in this Universe both at the micro and macro cosmic level.

Connecting the external energy evolution and Self-reflecting to our internal evolution, we can solve many of our life problems with clarity and sure success.

In the evolution of Energy, there is a downward trend and in our personality evolution, there is an upward trend as shown in the above picture.

Universal Pattern:  The Universal pattern influences the perception of reality and sets the base for the differing views of individuals on big and small questions in life: Purpose of life, God, Creation of Universe, health, wealth, education, life style, food, marriage etc. If we all evolve from one single Energy source, why do we have differences in us?. This can be understood only through a classification method.

Energy Classification: We classify the total Energy in a Human being as five aspects.

1. The Energy in a physical body form that undergoes slow changes.

2. The Energy that undergoes constant changes - thinking process or Mind.

3. The Energy that streamlines the processes in the body and mind is intelligence.

4. The Energy that witnesses these physical body, thinking mind and stream lining intelligence is Awareness, which we call as "life" or "being".

5. The  "Consciousness", the Unconditional Energy.  

Mission of Uni5 CommunityKnowing the five classification of Energy pattern and applying in life helps to improve the quality of our life. This is the objective of this organization. To achive this objective, we take the Truth without any bias on the background of the person. Truth researched by Science and religion should aim on the welfare of all life. This community welfare is our mantra.

     There is only one Truth (Consciousness) and a single path to Truth, but only views (Energy Patterns) about it are different. Our mission is to unify everyone by helping to understand that their views are only different levels of expressions of one single Energy Phenomenon. Through this understanding one can overcome conflicts and attain peace and hormany.

View of views: This unification or unity in diversity is Peace or love or happiness, which is established only by embracing our view with others view and contemplate why the views differ. We can discuss here Atheism, all Religions, Spirituality, Science in a harmonious way.  To achieve this harmony, the template can help to identify the five levels of views of your views from others view.

  Five Uni5 Principles

 1. Thumb - The Purpose of life is to be happy.

 2. Index -  "As is the Macro-Universe (our outer) so is the Micro-Universe (our inner)".

 3. Middle - The Universal Energy can neither be created nor destroyed but transform from one form to another.

4. Ring - Transformation (evolution) of the mind to higher level of views  is inevitable for happy life.

5. Little -Every action has an effect and so choose actions that bring Eternal happiness.


If there are five levels of views on Truth, then which level is closer to the highest Truth, depends on your identification either to the base or the tip of the pyramid.   Here are the five personalities.

Five Truth Views


















Same 5 x 5 dots but kolam dotsdifferent observations














Illusion of truth


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