View on Views

We are always having conflict within ourselves and also with people around us, on views about different aspects of the world. Every body argues that their view is correct. Is there an Universal way to see the Truth or reality?.

Read first the article about Truth and then read below.

Yes. Five views














five arial view

















five storey building


yes this is like the five different people view the same city from five different levels of a building. A person in the ground level cannot have a com



plete aerial view of the city. He can only see what he sees from that level and is foolish to criticize what the fifth person's view of the city,because he fails to know his limitation.

The one in the fifth flour will definetly a wider or complete view of the city of life. He also at the same time knows the the limitation of ground floor person's view of the city. Who is right and wrong depends on the level of viewing it.



 Relative and Absolute Truth: Relative truth changes over time and is an opinion. Absolute Truth is Unviersal at all times and is etenral.

 Absolute Truth or Universal/ supreme truth is the end of learning and the begining of the experience.

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