Skin Care

Pimples: Anyone who’s had a pimple form right before an important event may wonder if stress caused the break out. While commonly linked anecdotally, proving the relationship between stress and inflammatory skin conditions, such as acne, psoriasis and rosacea, is another matter, says the research in this link - Reducing Stress May Help Lead to Clearer Skin

Good skin tonic Drink before going to bed , one glass of carrot juice with half glass cucumber juice and one teaspoon honey. (put a carrot and a cucumber and a spoon of honey and half glass water in a blender to make the preparation simple).

Steaming is beneficial for cleaning all types of skin. It cleans the skin of all surface dirt, stimulates circulation and opens clogged pores. Steam only once a week if the skin is dry. For oily skin do everyday. To make steaming more beneficial add a teaspoon of herbs like elderflower, camomile, lavender, thyme and rosemary.

Skin Pigmentation Many men and women have shared with us that doing monthly castor oil cleansing has helped them to clear the pigmentation on their face. Greater benefits have come by toning their liver with herbs like Eclipta Alba (Bringraj) leaves, ike Phyllanthus Nirurileaves and Aloe Vera fresh gel. Topical application of herbs either in natural form or in cream form not always helps. By eating these herbs and toning the liver one could cure even diseases like Vitiligo.

Wrinkles Water therapy is the best for healing and preventing wrinkles.
Apply a teaspoon of carrot juice with few drops of honey. Wash well after half an hour with hot water. Do for three weeks

Skin Blisters: You have to do all five elements given in our clinic and health section, including castor oil cleaning. For external application on the blister apply the following ointment. Grind, garlic, aloe vera, moringa leaf, turmeric and aloe vera into a paste and heat in castor oil. Keep applying this for few days or weeks. It will be cured. If you are lazy to make it then get it from

Feet corn

visit for home made best skin care ointments for babies and adults for eczema, allergy, white spots, leucoderma, vitilago etc. No chemicals, preservatives pure herbs used.
    Our experience shows that these healthy practices example with oiling everyday and self massaging the body with oil before bath is good.

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