Why Women put kolam?

It is a tradition for women to put kolam in front of the house every morning. This wonderful culture is fast dissappearing. Kolam is a pattern of putting dots with rice flour or with white stone powder on the ground in front of the house.  



handsakthiThe Interpration given by the great Saint Ragavendra Swami on kolams is that, the rice flour tends to be the means to feed even the ants and microbes. This is a great interpretation at the Self-awareness level.

Modern computers are desgined by arranging the chips in a pattern like the kolam pattern. In that level, kolams give the intellectual pattern of knowledge. 

At emotional level, Kolams are aesthetic to look at and appreciate the art and beauty at it.

At physical level, kolams are drawn to welcome guest.

Now an explanation at the Consciousness level:

If you look at the kolam image given below, just a 5 rows to 5 columns dots can be linked in so many different ways. Most of the time the dots of linked by drawing curved lines around it. This is a meditation for women in the morning.

 In Tamil and Malayalam languages, dots are called as "Pulli" and human individuals are also known as "Pulli", like perum-pulli. Each human personal is a unconnected disctintive individual and refuse to interact with the people around whether at home or at work place.  Women has a unique talent of patience, wisdom and sweetness  to connect all the members of the family to co-exist peacefully. 

A woman does twist and turns around the different personalities to live in harmony making the whole family look like a beautiful "kolam" (pattern). This reminds  women  everyday by doing this morning ritual, how to deal with the members of the family, who are all like distinct unrelated dots living in a house.

Unfortuntely, now women have lost this team management at home, resulting in homes as "Alam-kolam's (ugly-patterns).

This is not only for women, but also for men as well because Energy is symbolized as woman (common for both men and women).  

Hereafter when we enter a house or a place where kolam is at the door step, have the awareness to use your Energy  by making twist and turns to embrace everyone's opinion at that place. This brings, harmony peace and progress.

Kolams truly reflect our attitude in life!

kolam dots