Tantric Sex

All rituals are oriented to transcend the Ego.


There are many rituals and one among them is the  "Sexual act". In all religious cultures except vedic cutlure Sex is considered sacred because it is one type of ritual which can be used to transcend the Ego and be in the higher Conscious state or God-state.

What is   Tantric Sex?: This has been highly been mis-understood. This is purely for husband and wife to transcend their ego-sense complex to the higher Consciousness state, the Shiva-Sakthi Union state.

In a sexual act , it is natural each partner, the husband or wife is keen on deriving maximum pleasure. The "I" thought predominates. The "I" thought is maximum displayed during sexual act, because sexual act gratifies all the five sense organs.

Music gratifies - hearing sense,

Movies gratifies two (audio-visual).

Talking to others is enjoyable because of the three organs involved.

Food gratifies four, taste, touch, visual and smell.

Sexual act gratifies all five senses.

Sexual act with the "I" thought gives only a minor satisfaction, but if done to give the sacrifice of giving maximum pleasure to the partner, in-turn will be rewarded with complete satisfaction. This is one of the basic principle of Tantric-sex.

With this attitude when one engages in sexual act derives total satisfaction and also get to the next step of Tantric-sex.

When one gets  detached from the "I" thought, one witnesses the whole process of the enjoyment of the sensorial organs, leading to the transcendental state of complete awareness. This is the state of Shiva-Sakthi Union described in tantric Sex.   Shiva is Awareness and Sakthi is the Energy of that Awareness.  This is why in Vedic Tradition Sexual act  is considered as Sacred and not a sinful act.  Through Sex one can experience God-Consciousness or the Supreme Cosmic Consciousness.  But this has been abused and used in non-husband-wife relationships.  Sexual act other than that of a Husband-wife is not considered as sacred. The Sexual act of a husband and wife transcending their Ego and witnessing the Awareness state is the supreme blissful state one can experience.

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Why is only Husband and wife Union considered sacred:

This will be answered in the importance of Marriage page partly. Here we will understand that in Sexual act in non-marital relations, the aim is just body pleasure and not, expression of "Love". In a husband and wife relation where  each of them favors the spiritual growth of the other, Love expresses spontaneously and then in their conjugal union they experience the Cosmic Consciousness. 

The Vedic tradition of marriage is so beautiful in its rituals, that  highlights this aspects. The very purpose of marriage is meant for this union to the highest Self.

Without understanding this greatness , today's marriages are merely meant to satisfy each other's sexual greed, material greed, and social status and to avoid one's personal boredom in life.

It is a sorry state to see, that marriages are not strong because the couples involved into this sacred relation does not understand why this ritual of life is done. marriage is a ritual like any other ritual that is done and described here.

As we have discussed that many rituals are done without knowing the very purpose of it and then it becomes a failure. Marriages are also like that and without that understanding it also ends in failure. 

For more details

1. "Journey to the Source" by Pradheep Chhalliyil .


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