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    The mystery of faith in healing

      We have discussed that the mind operates with the feeling of the body and senses, which is termed as the Ego feeling. The "I" feeling , that I am the body, mind, senses is the Ego feeling. This Ego feeling is the basis of belief. Belief derives its strength from the "My" feelings , my evidences, my facts and my convictions. Belief brings agitations because it tries to impose that feeling to others by force. It ever allows others to think or rationalize. Belief arises  from the likes and dislikes of the mind and does not allow intellect to function. Belief destroys the individual and does harm to others.

     Faith is the opposite of belief, because the feeling of "I" dissolves. When the feeling of "I" attached to the body, mind and senses  transcends inwards to there realm of intellect and awareness, it becomes faith. This faith causes healing because, it is the thinking beyond the realm of the body and the senses. 

   The moment some one trusts that a particular material object or a specific  person can be helpful, he or she has moved out of the realm of the body sense.  This moving out of the realm of the feeling of the body-sense is transcendence. There is transcendence to the realm of the "Self", the internal principle, which means more subtle and core principle, than the gross body.

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