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     The Mystery behind placebo effect

         It is the ability to transcend to the realm of the self that brings healing and since most of the common man is unaware of this transcendence, it is often called as a miracle. However it is no miracle for a spiritual master who knows about the power of transcending and awareness. Nevertheless such a spiritual master may or may not perform such a miracle for his own  body problem, because it depends upon them whether to spend time to solve the mortal body problems or dive deep further into the realm of pure Consciousness.

Read this very please  interesting article  to read.  how pharmaceutical companies has to overcome this placebo effects to show a drug effect is not a placebo.Also how doctors words affect the patient's recovery.

A slide show in the placebo effect.

         All these explanations causes doubts about the mode of action of medications that passes out the placebo effect, for example the powerful antibiotics. Even if an individual trusts or not the antibiotics works. Here we have to understand the nature of chemicals. All chemicals have their own inherent property and that is the law of nature. Why chemicals behave in their own way is due to their intrinsic property, which is explained as awareful intelligence. We will discuss this later.

      Having  given you the information about the power of healing through transcendence  to the awareness state, you would be interested to know how to bring about this healing. One can achieve this through many means. We initially gave you the five steps of Pancha Bhoota healing.  One or the combination of a few or all of them these five  steps help to transcend to the awareness state, the source of healing. Whatever medical system you may do, you will find these five steps apply. Pancha Bhoota healing system is  unique because it uses all the five steps that will lead to the healing source.

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