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    Prayer is not a begging statement

       Unfortunately, now prayers done by most of us are begging statements crying for help. Our intellect is so much over thrown by our emotional mind that we seldom realize that our own thoughts create our life pattern  and not anyone else outside. Prayers are powerful positive statements for our emotional minds and not for any unknown God outside our territory. We will discuss about God later in this section.

      If some one believes in an omnipresent  God present outside , even then a begging prayer is an insult to the omnipresent and omniscient God. When God is omniscient how can someone beg for things?

      Prayer in the form of begging statements makes one weak. In deep troubles such begging statements out of ignorance might help initially to lesson the sorrow of the mind. But in the long run, the agitations of the mind still continue and so does sorrows. Without strengthening the intellect and increasing positive thoughts, sorrows in life cannot be overcome. This is why begging prayer statements goes futile.

       All Vedic Prayers and so does other spiritual traditions prayers are powerful positive statements asking for an attitude to know the reality.

God give me the serenity to accept things which cannot be changed  

Give me courage to change things that must be changed

And the wisdom to distinguish from one from the other

      This is a good prayer for purification of the mind that we have been discussing through the Pancha Bhootas or the five steps. 

  A Pagan serenity prayer beautifully summarizes the essence of the five steps of Pancha Bhoota as follows.

Gods and Goddess grant me:

The power of Water, to accept with ease and grace what I cannot change

The power of Fire, for the energy and courage the things I can

The power of Air, for the ability to know the difference.

And the power of Earth, for the strength to continue my path.

And the Power of Space, to know our Real Self (Sakthi's addition)

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