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      Mind watching

       We have discussed about abstinence and observing the mind. Observing the mind leads to witnessing all the acts of the mind, intellect and Ego and finally Awareness. Until we do deepen our awareness, we do not clearly see a distinction in these four components of our inner faculty. Mind watching helps in controlling anger and stress. All other means are superficial means to overcome negative qualities of the mind.

    Mind watching is still initially a thought. But in an instance it transcends to a witnessing mode, which is not a thought process. This witnessing mode is pure  Awareness.

       This witnessing mode is symbolized in Vedic and Buddhist tradition as a face over the meditating personality. That face represent the witnessing mode or pure awareness. 

         The process of mind watching initially will be only for a few seconds because the mind wanders and not in the control. Over time with all the exercises, when awareness deepens the mind watching also prolongs. This finally leads to a state that the observer, observed and the observation becomes one and the same. Meditation leads to this final thoughtless state , which is known as "Samadhi" in Sanskrit and Tamil.

        Be aware of the actively thinking mind and exercise the act of terminating the jumping thoughts. At this time, keep focused on your awareness only. Till this stage awareness itself is a thought. The moment there is inner silence due to less thoughts, one experiences the "Awareness of being aware". This is the final state of meditation which we will discuss in next page.

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