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    Imagery and Visualization

      By late 1990's many hospitals have started to use imagery and Visualization to help the patients. Images that relaxes the patient are brought to the mind to improve wellness. Positive suggestions given to the Mind and mentally imagining any desired state of health is a very powerful force, for good or ill.

        It is obvious that worries or persistent negative emotions can initiate a chain reaction of symptoms of ill health, such as headaches, insomnia, stomach ulcers, heart palpitations. Similarly persistent negative thoughts can bring positive benefits to the body too in the form of healing.

      The body's IMMUNE SYSTEM is in direct contact with and is influenced by the Mind which can have actual physical repercussions on the white blood cell population which is the first line of the body's defense system. The Mind can therefore be used prophylactically to prevent disease from appearing, and therapeutically to help the body heal itself. This has been shown by the new science called Psycho-neuro-immunology (PNI) which has shown conclusively the link between the Mind and the white cells.

   To influence the Mind there are several comparatively simple techniques which require complete RELAXATION in order to visualize the state desired and once attained there needs to be some form of GUIDED IMAGERY or visualization of the state of health desired. Relaxation by itself can actually help activate one's bodily defences but directed imagery, which is really a visual result of Auto-suggestion has even more impact on the feelings and emotions which are so important in influencing the physical responses to stresses of all kinds.

      The aim of visualizing is to imagine HEALTH in the minutest details, all the time BELIEVING it is possible to reach a state of health. Auto-suggestive techniques which works through mental 'parables' impresses the desired end even more strongly on the Mind and therefore has a greater effect on those physical processes which are protective and strengthening.

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