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    Space Therapy -Basic

Space at mental and physical level
       Space therapy purifies both mind level and body. The purpose of purification is not for torture the body and mind but to bring the wandering mind to the state of awareness or the field of healing.

       At the basic level there are two methods in Space therapy. The Relaxation that starts at the physical body level and ends up in Meditation. let us first discuss the relaxation technique. 

        Sakthi Foundation Relaxation

What is Relaxation?

          Relax  comes the root word "relaxare" which is re ("again") + laxare ("loosen - Lax, laxative). The mind and the body which got tighten or struck with the external world has to be brought in to the world of awareness. Coordination (Yoga)  of the mind and body leading to awareness, can only remove stress and repair the damages of the body and the mind. All the other stress relieving methods are superficial and temporary.

      Since the body is gross, it is easier to focus than the subtle mind. Hence it is good to do Yoga first and then do relaxation and finally meditation. Relaxation helps the wandering mind to stay in connection with the body. You can give auto-suggestion for relaxing or you can use Sakthi Foundation's CD to help you in guided relaxation. It helps you to relax from the toes to the brain. The audio cassette guides you to relax all the parts of your body both external and internal with a gentle background music. Everyday listening to the tape relaxes and relieves the body and mind stress. The auto suggestions given in the tape improves positive thoughts and thus enhances healing. Everyday when the body is put to positive commands the body becomes healthy.

      Many people have experienced various benefits of this tape. Some have given up using valium for sleeping disorders after using this tape. One gets good sound sleep even before the 10 minutes relaxation program. Many have experienced becoming more positive in life. Most of the benefits are not only grossly noticed because also at the subtle level.

       Relaxation is like the parade conducted by soldiers in front of the commander every morning in an army camp. This establishes link between the commander (mind) and soldiers (body) and results in sound health. (Read more details about this in fire).

        The positive words that you hear through the tape in the night will be deposited as seeds in your sub-conscious mind. Thinking of those words throughout the day is like sprinkling water to germinate the seeds. These seeds would then make your mind a beautiful healthy garden of thoughts. Please do this instead of just mechanically hearing to the tapes.

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